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Eurasian garden perennial having scarlet flowers in dense terminal heads

a cross with triangular or arrow-shaped arms and the points toward the center

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Then, in teenage, almost everyone joined the Neath Athletic Rugby Club and every one of the five sides which the club turned out on a Saturday wore the black jersey with Maltese cross.
The AF for a precision approach is ot the Maltese cross, but instead he point where the glideslope is intercepted at the lowest authorized intercept altitude.
8220;We can't return the parents to the children, but, together we can help these children's dreams come true,” says Roman Yaruchyk, the chief of Maltese Cross Corps in Ivano-Frankivsk.
This place is integral to Maltese history's chief players: the Knights of Malta (the Crusades, the Maltese cross, etc.
One example of this is the Badge of the Firefighter, which shares a similar design with the Maltese Cross.
I remember looking at the tattoo on his arm, a Maltese cross, and thinking he was a big guy," Mr.
The vessel is classed by ABS with Maltese Cross A1 Self Elevating Unit notation.
Chaplains now wear uniforms not associated with a military branch but with distinctive badges featuring the Maltese cross.
If polarized light microscopy is included, it can be used as a tool to identify plant material on the basis of the Maltese cross evident in amyloplasts when viewed with crossed polars and the birefringence exhibited by cellulosic fibers (for complete instructions for a lab on polarized light microscopy, see McMahon, 2004).
Malta's flag bears the George Cross, awarded to the whole island by George VI for its gallantry in World War II, and Malta has been symbolized for centuries by the Maltese Cross.
Their action-packed routine featured tricks including the Maltese Cross, where four of the team balanced on one bike in a cross formation, while other soldiers rode through towers of fire and performed acrobatic crossover rides.
It was designed in the shape of a Maltese cross, and was completed in only 14 weeks.
Other winning names included "Skeetle", a beetle that escapes predators using natural "jet skis"; "Mab's lantern", a rare four-spotted beetle; "St John's jellyfish", a tiny 1cm jellyfish in the shape of a Maltese cross and "Scabious cuckoo bee", which lays its eggs in the nests of other bees.
Other symbolic design elements include the iconic Maltese Cross, which is embossed on glass and expressed as an illuminated "light box" on the third floor facade and the use of brightly glazed red brick throughout.
Flowers grow in the shape of a Maltese cross and have a great deal of religious significance.