maltese cross

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Eurasian garden perennial having scarlet flowers in dense terminal heads

a cross with triangular or arrow-shaped arms and the points toward the center

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Visible unstained; black-purple with Lugol's solution; large, off- center Maltese cross with polarized light.
Flowers grow in the shape of a Maltese cross and have a great deal of religious significance.
For example, Blackburn Rovers first played in the colours of Malvern School, Aaeblue and white caps, white shirts with a blue Maltese cross, trousers optionalAAE Au the colour that is.
Which voluntary organisation has the Maltese Cross as its emblem?
National symbols such as the Maltese Cross, the Coat of Arms and the Mnajdra Temple Altar will be the faces of the new Euro coins.
Since then, about 450 ships have flown the DFDS flag, blue with a white Maltese cross, and the group now operates a fleet of six modern holiday liners.
The silver and gold medal, with a circle of kalo leaves and a Maltese cross representing the axes of the globe and Hawaii as the crossroads of the Pacific, was approved by the Legislature last year.
22 Squadron, "Badge: A black pi symbol in front of a white Maltese cross on a red circle.
Chaplains currently wear a Maltese Cross on their caps--a feature of the badge worn by all Canadian forces chaplains since the three services united in 1968.
My shoemaker's symbol is a Maltese Cross, which I like because the toe is more square--it doesn't taper.
Here are a few suggestions: Ladybells, snapdragon, columbine, butterflyweed, beebalm, false indigo, butterflybush, dianthus, foxglove, daylily, coralbell, heucherella, hibiscus, hosta, lobelia, maltese cross, catnip, catmint, beardstongue, phlox, obedient plant, willow, salvia, veronica, honeysuckle, and clematis.
Acute monoarthritis associated with intracellular positively birefringent Maltese cross appearing spherules.
Perennials: Alpine aster, catmint, columbine, coreopsis, delphinium, gaillardia, Jacob's ladder, 'Johnson's Blue' geranium, lamb's ears, lupine, Maltese cross, meadow rue, mountain bluet, painted daisy, peach-leafed bellflower, Oriental poppy, Shasta daisy, Siberian iris, yarrow.
And the Macedonians made the Maltese cross by awarding the Israeli entry eight points.
An indication of the author's inability to determine what constitutes viable evidence for her study can be seen on page 67, where a whole paragraph is devoted to the false trail of the appearance of a Maltese cross (wrongly considered as uniquely an attribute of the Knights of Saint John) in the arms of Colbert, stamped on the cover of Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, MS f.