malted milk

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Synonyms for malted milk

a milkshake made with malt powder

powder made of dried milk and malted cereals

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Add malted milk powder and whisk vigorously to combine.
The company produced malted milk products sold throughout Britain and the Empire.
A) Make malted milk sorbet; peanut butter shortbread incorporating almond flour and heavy cream; salted caramel incorporating peanut butter; and peanut brittle.
It's like Nestle milk chocolate, mixed with malted milk balls.
Malted milk bail SERVES 12 TO 14 | 1 HOUR, PLUS 5 HOURS TO FREEZE 3(1/2) cups malted milk balls, divided Cookie Crust (see opposite), using chocolate wafers and a 9-in.
Among its PAAS products are White Splashed Malted Milk Eggs and Splash Assorted Malted Milk Eggs in Ice Creme flavors.
A giant red mug was filled with 4,546 litre of water, 64kg of tea, 875kg of malted milk powder and 160kg of sugar, reports the BBC.
One of his recent samplers included a Scharffen Berger chocolate pudding, hazelnut "Kit Kat" crunch bar made with milk chocolate ganache, a malted milk chocolate ice cream sandwich and a tiramisushi roll (chocolate sponge cake with espresso powder mascarpone cream and rice crispies), $10.
There are also aromas of what can best be described as malted milk biscuit.
Ramblin' (1979) has no Williams originals among the 14 tracks but offers an insight into her future development with Robert Johnson covers - Ramblin' On My Mind, Malted Milk Blues, Stop Breakin' Down - Hank Williams' (no relation) classic, Jambalaya and Memphis Minnie's Me And My Chauffeur among them.
The shop has a padded cell--a popular place for kids to get their pictures taken while wearing a straitjacket, the San Jose Mercury-News reported--and donuts with names like "Psycho" (covered with broken pretzels), "Manic Malt" (topped with malted milk balls), and "Bipolar" (half coconut shavings, half nuts).
The chocolate ginger is a combination of chocolate ice cream, whipping cream and fresh ginger juice blended together 30 to 60 seconds, while the blueberry flavor is a mixture of house-made vanilla ice cream, fresh or frozen blueberries, a bit of whipping cream -- no milk because my preference is for a thicker shake -- and malted milk powder.
Dainty Dinah was everywhere and the range included the Bond Street assortment, mixed toffees featuring eight different types, fruit assortment, nougat assortment, rich assortment, malted milk, chocolate and mint toffees and Dainty Dinah Brazils.
Nursery nurse Marcia Napp, husband Al and kids Ivy, nine, and Eric, six, cooked up a 18in long, 12in wide and 3in deep Malted Milk 141 TIMES the size of the 1.
Having spent most of his life and career around malted milk balls and chocolate turtles, Tarner is eager to share his knowledge and collection with visitors.