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The Black Grouse The Black Grouse is a perfect blend of The Famous Grouse with fine peated malt whiskies to create a rich, smooth, smoky whisky.
With the books cleared away, the tables and shelves were decked out with tasting mats, seven malt whiskies, water and a Classic Malts informative booklet.
At present malt whiskies are produced in various countries ( New Zealand, Australia and Wales for example ( and now we have succeeded in putting India on the map with what is the first Indian malt whisky and the only one that has ever qualified for sale in the EU after meeting its strict regulations," he said.
As was mentioned earlier, the first whiskies of Scotland were all single malt whiskies (100 percent malted barley), produced in tiny, pot-bellied pot stills that produced small, individual batches.
And Dr Swan added: "Single malt whiskies have more ellagic acid than red wine.
In off-license liquor shops throughout Japan there are myriad malt whiskies unavailable anywhere else in the world--and, these days, on sale at prices that are nowhere near what they were during the bubble.
I cannot end without making reference to my own devotion to fine malt whiskies.
Glenfarclas single malt whiskies are available from Master of Malt with prices starting at just 24.
19 only at Award-winning Highland Black is a blend of the finest grain and malt whiskies from Scotland, all aged for a minimum of eight years.
David Cox, director of fine and rare whiskies for the Speyside distillery, said: "In recent times, we have witnessed some dramatic growth in the price of rare single malt whiskies.
John Hutson, Wetherspoon chief executive, said: "All four of the malt whiskies available in our pubs are first-class and are popular.
Cutty Sark is a blended whisky but the company hopes to lure lucrative single malt drinkers by focusing on the fact that more than 20 single malt whiskies are included in Cutty Sark Blended Malt.
THE Balvenie Distillery is a fifth generation family-owned company that still grows its own barley to produce its range of malt whiskies.
Lavish packaging and gift sets help position single malt whiskies for extra sales during the holidays.
Master of Malt is a well respected retailer and independent bottler of fine single malt whiskies.