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While in vodka it is translated into visual details such as the bottle design or texture of liquid, in wine or malt whiskey you have history, craftsmanship and variety of production that is astounding.
Vincenti b elieves that malt whiskey is causing an uproar because of its complexities when compared to other spirits rather than simply being a new market trend.
In the past, drinking single malt whiskey was somehow seen as stuffy, but Ghosn explains that distillers such as those of Glenfiddich have worked to create new niche markets.
The distillery is focused on pushing the category of single malt whiskey forward by utilising new varietals of barley and oak, exploring concepts such as terroir, and championing distinctiveness.
In addition, Westland is at the vanguard of the growing American single malt whiskey movement that aims to secure a firm description for the category in the United States and abroad.
In addition to its top offerings of exclusive scotch whiskey brands, The Whiskey Place is also inviting customers to join its Single Malt Whiskey Members Club.
I'm quite optimistic that over the next five to 10 years the malt whiskey market will really grow here [in Lebanon] as people search for different things and unique characteristics of different types of malt whiskey.
Knappogue Castle 15 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey will be available this holiday season at select retailers.
His son, Mark Andrews, continued his father's legacy by creating the Knappogue Castle series of Irish single malt whiskeys.
While wine and spirits retailers in Lebanon generally have a stronger focus on wine, which is considered a 'finer' alcohol, those interviewed also have a vibrant fine spirits section, seeing a positive growth in the single malt whiskey category.
We have also joined the global trend of [increased] malt whiskey consumption," says Choueiry.
Add in the ability to enjoy a fine single malt whiskey and a Dominican cigar for good measure.
The stuff that gives a chocolate malted milkshake or a bowl of Malt-O-Meal its distinctive taste is basically the same substance that is an essential component in the brewing of beer and malt whiskey.
A new brash trio of blends of Irish and Scotch malt whiskeys will hit the shelves in late August labeled Jon, Mark and Robbo's Easy Drinking Whisky ($29.