malt sugar

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a white crystalline sugar formed during the digestion of starches


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Malt sugar is also rich in B-vitamins, good for protecting against heart disease and strokes, and boosting metabolism.
The result is an amply documented study of ancient Chinese food resources, culinary methods, literary sources on food and drink, various kinds of fermentation, including alcohol, soybeans, and pickles, food preservation, the production of oils, malt sugar and starch, the processing of wheat flour, tea processing and its effects on health, and food and nutritional diseases in China.
It is this malt sugar that the brewer wants to ferment.
Lacking any knowledge of chemistry, prehistoric humans eager for the intoxicating effects of alcohol apparently mixed clumps of rice with saliva in their mouths to break down the starches in the grain and convert them into malt sugar.
The popular online Chinese retailer Taobao claims to have sold out of the toffee and apple tasting sweets that are made of granulated and malt sugars.