malt liquor

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a lager of high alcohol content


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apartment building that was vending cans of malt liquor," the tweet read.
However, perhaps due to the political difficulties inherent in any tax-raising proposal, or because the price elasticity for malt liquor and beer appears to be lower than that for other alcohol beverages (French, Brown-Taylor, & Bluthenthal, 2006), cities in the United States have sought to address malt liquor consumption and related problems primarily by passing local policies that reduce the physical availability of malt liquor in neighborhoods.
The stores will continue to carry plenty of alcohol, including six packs of beer and malt liquor that exceed 8 percent alcohol, including some brands of micro-brewed beer and wine.
A 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor, as it is often sold and consumed, has the equivalent amount of alcohol of approximately six beers.
which brews and bottles the malt liquor under contract with Hornell, to clear liquor store shelves of the product.
A similar reversal involved PowerMaster, a malt liquor that the BATF approved in 1991.
But a reduction in behavioral crimes can greatly improve a neighborhood's livability, and the dropoff obtained from the malt liquor experiment is steep enough to command notice.
brewer and bottler of the malt liquor, manufactured guns and bullets, would they market a "James Brady Bullet," naming it after President Reagan's press secretary wounded in an assassination attempt on Reagan's life.
Niggers With Attitude), is an ode to the role of malt liquor in the lifestyle of the black street youth:
Adding cool fruit flavors to its proud malt liquor line, Blast is the Ultimate Cocktail.
A temporary halt in the sale of cheap, high-alcohol malt liquor led to a dramatic drop in crime near downtown Eugene, police said Thursday.
I don't know how they decided the line up at Koston's game, but if it was decided by pulling names out of a big floppy Mickey's Malt Liquor hat then .
In the single's video version, G-mo is served lobster and malt liquor off a silver platter by swarms of bikini-clad women.
Four Eugene convenience sto-res around Washington-Jefferson Park say they will stop selling inexpensive malt liquor for 90 days to see whether it reduces crime and drunken behavior in the city center.
SINCE MOVING to Seattle from California five months ago, I've lived off of a steady diet of vices that have included second hand smoke, coffee, cheap malt liquor, and heavy rock.