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Synonyms for malt

a milkshake made with malt powder

a lager of high alcohol content


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a cereal grain (usually barley) that is kiln-dried after having been germinated by soaking in water

treat with malt or malt extract

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turn into malt, become malt

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convert grain into malt

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convert into malt

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Brewing opportunities continue to grow and we are well placed, through our recent investments and quality of malt, to benefit from a rapidly changing and increasingly specialised global brewing market.
Our thirst is for single malts, which are fast becoming our whisky of choice.
Gluten-free malt extract is used as a colouring and sweetening agent in a variety of products.
3 Gin and Angostura Rum (the brand was already present in the Lebanese market but with another distributor and in its bitters category only), Vincenti took over the distribution of The Edrington Group's national portfolio, which includes the blended whiskey Famous Grouse, the single malt Highland Park and the high-end single malt The Macallan.
Viking Malt will now have two malting plants in Poland and one malting plant in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Lithuania each.
In the complaint, Malteurop alleges that the Proximity malt team began planning their new company while still employed at Malteurop, and electronically transferred almost 10,000 confidential documents to help them with their start-up.
has just acquired Whyte and Mackay and has also started to bring its the Dalmore line of single malt Scotch and is also planning to bring its Jura brand of whisky.
A new release from Ardmore which produces some of the smokiest malt on Speyside, the distillery cites The Ardmore Legacy (currently PS20 from PS30, 70cl, Tesco) as a good introduction to peated, single malts.
Taketsuru 12--Pure Malt Whisky (Nikka, 40%): a vatted blend of malts from two distilleries.
50, 70cl, Waitrose), a 16-year-old single malt bottled at cask strength.
Taketsuru 12--Pure Malt Whisky hi(Nikka, 40%): a vatted blend of malts from two distilleries.
Recent research suggests that malt liquor drinkers are more likely to be homeless, unemployed, and receiving public assistance than regular beer or hard liquor drinkers (Bluthenthal, Brown-Taylor, Guzman-Becerra, and Robinson, 2005).
J&D's Malt Salt is made with real malt vine gar and available in a 3-ounce shaker jar with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3.
Maxxium UK plans to double unit sales of Ardmore this year by marketing the single malt as a "bridge" between softer and more challenging, peaty single malts.