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professional wrongdoing that results in injury or damage

a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do

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According to her, stiff penalties as prescribed by law will be used to curb the menace of examination malpractice in the state.
The Link between the Rise of Malpractice Costs and the Distribution of Health Care
It is a fact Physician malpractice insurance rates vary by practice.
In 1999, legislation was passed to dissolve the Medical Malpractice Insurance Association ('MMIA'), the market of last resort for medical malpractice insurance.
Doctors and complainants will no longer be interviewed for minor complaints and major straight forward cases, and this will help resolve medical malpractice cases faster.
Shortly after, plaintiff filed a legal malpractice complaint alleging that (1) the defendant failed to use scientific evidence provided by the plaintiff in the federal case against Lucent; (2) this was legal malpractice; and (3) but for the alleged malpractice, plaintiff would have prevailed in the lawsuit against Lucent.
medical malpractice process from legal, medical, economic and insurance perspectives, analyzes past efforts at reform, and offer policy recommendations.
Lots of people agree that there's something wrong with the way medical malpractice is handled in the United States, but when the discussion turns to possible reforms, consensus is harder to find.
ISSUE: Ordinarily, a patient cannot prevail in a suit for medical malpractice unless he or she has the benefit of a qualified and recognized medical expert who is prepared to give his expert opinion that a party alleged to be responsible for injury to the patient has failed to meet the applicable standard of care and has been guilty of medical malpractice and that the medical malpractice was the direct and proximate cause of injury.
A review of almost 1,500 randomly selected malpractice lawsuits in the United States finds that instances of healthy people successfully suing a doctor for malpractice are exceedingly rare and are far outnumbered by cases in which a patient injured by medical error goes uncompensated, health-policy researchers report in the May 11 New England Journal of Medicine.
While most people are familiar with the concept of medical malpractice or even legal malpractice, educational malpractice is a lesser-known claim that has yet to find any degree of success in Canada.
Fortunately, only 2 percent of those whose medically related harm involves negligence or malpractice will go on to sue.
tort system in general and on medical malpractice claimants and their lawyers in general.
Mention the subject of medical malpractice, and the debate will most likely focus on money-hungry patients exaggerating their frivolous injuries, evil insurance companies squeezing money from hard-working doctors, or a corrupt cabal of reckless physicians leaving wristwatches and sponges inside of every third patient.