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faulty position

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Several considerations have been offered to prevent intraoperative misplacement or malposition of a ureteral stent.
Device malposition may be clinically inapparent; for this reason, indwelling devices should be systematically evaluated with each study.
OCT imaging showed iatrogenic strut malposition, dissection and thrombus as a result of balloon dilatation under the stent struts in this case which was not clearly differentiated by conventional angiography.
Other potential complications include: swelling, implant malposition, pain, ptosis, infection, changes in breast sensation, nipple complications, seroma, delayed wound healing, hematoma, redness, scarring, asymmetry, wrinkling/rippling, extrusion, bruising, implant palpability/visibility, upper pole fullness, and necrosis.
We present a case of Larsen syndrome being associated with ossicular malposition causing a conductive hearing loss.
Sedation during ECMO minimises the risk of catheter malposition or dislodgement as well as coughing, which induces 'suck down' or chatter, resulting in haemolysis.
In the formation of hepatodiaphragmatic interposition, hepatic factors including ptotic or small liver, abnormal falciform ligament or absence of the falciform ligament, diaphragmatic factors including degeneration of the diaphragmatic muscles, phrenic nerv palsy and increase in intrathoracal pressure as a result of tuberculosis or emphysema, colonic factors including abnormal extension of the colon, abnormal suspensory ligament or absence of the suspensory ligament, congenital malposition or malrotation of the colon are accused (8,9).
The 49 chapters are organized into sections on upper eyelid malposition and related disorders; lower eyelid malposition and related disorders; eyelid neoplasm; orbital inflammation and infection; orbital neoplasm; trauma; evisceration, enucleation, and the anophthalmic socket; lacrimal drainage system; and cosmetic oculofacial plastic surgery.
However, patients with ectopia lentis, who participate in endurance running, are at chronic risk of exacerbating their lens malposition.
Additional features of the syndrome may include renal abnormalities such as agenesis (failure of an organ to develop during embryonic growth) or nephrosclerosis (sclerosis of the kidney), hiatus hernia (protrusion of the upper part of the stomach into the thorax through a tear or weakness in the diaphragm), and coronal hypospadias (ventral and proximal malposition of meatus in the coronal sulcus) [Jones and Smith, 2005; Bamforth and Kaurah, 1992].
Balance deficits at ankle are commonly associated with mechanoreceptor damage in relation to the malposition of the fibula Hsieh et al.
It is possible that reduction in the back pain allowed women to relax sufficiently to permit contractions to rotate a malposition.
The title is: Tracheostomy Tube Malposition in Patients Admitted to a Respiratory Acute Care Unit Following Prolonged Ventilation.