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a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant

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Unlike heavy, masking agents that 'camouflage' malodors, or old-fashioned counteractants that attempt to 'bury' the malodor, DeoActive ingredients 'reconfigure' malodor molecules, effectively eliminating what makes them unpleasant.
In laundry applications, DeoActive fabric softeners outperformed leading consumer brands in reducing malodor intensity and remained effective for up to 96 hours.
If the air is laden with a heavily perfumed smell, aimed at covering up malodors, that's probably another good indication that you should continue your search.
Naturally, the first and most important step in any odor-control strategy is to try to eliminate the source of malodors rather than merely trying to combat the odors themselves.
If proper maintenance habits are not adopted, unseen residue and malodor can build up and transfer onto clothing during the wash cycle, leaving laundry smelling unclean.
As purchases of HE washing machines rise, we've seen an increase in the number of consumer complaints about malodor problems.
The results suggest that eating traditional yoghurt may reduce the components of oral malodor and harmful bacteria.
FreshDuct is so effective that malodors in hotels can be eliminated in just minutes.
Preventing the tea tree oil's strong malodor in formulations as a raw material;
Warren recommends removing malodors and then testing (sniff, sniff) and adding a freshening pleasant smell.
6,905,675 entitled "Sulfur Containing Dermatological Compositions and Methods for Reducing Malodors in Dermatological Compositions" covering its sodium sulfacetamide/sulfur technology.
Conversely, compounds that inhibit the olfactory CNG channel will inhibit smell and can be use to block malodors.
Forestall is a soyethyl morpholinium ethosulfate surfactant proven to neutralize a wide range of malodors.
With the shoes cleaned, their imbedded malodors will be treated with a penetrating deodorizer.
The Halimeter is an electrochemical gas detector that senses the volatile sulfur compounds that produce the malodors.