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Synonyms for malnourishment

not having enough food to develop or function normally

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Dr Ayub said that the children would be given free medication for de-worming and malnourishment while teachers would be imparted training in first aid.
A EU-funded project namely program for improved nutrition in Sindh for reducing malnourishment among pregnant and lactating women is running successfully in eight districts of Sindh.
Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], November 22 ( ANI ): Statistics show that Chhattisgarh has witnessed a tremendous drop in child malnourishment as the average malnutrition rates have plunged significantly in the last five years.
In Bangladesh, 30,000 children die every year due to malnourishment.
Islamabad: A tragic cycle lingers on in Pakistan's Tharparkar region where young children, mostly newborns, are dying because of malnourishment, premature births, drought and lack of health facilities.
Summary: If left untreated, Inflammatory Bowel Disease can lead to malnourishment and life-threatening conditions
About a quarter of a million children in Nigeria face severe malnourishment and risk of death unless they receive help, UNICEF reported in July.
In 2014, Ayperi Alekseeva, 18, from Kyrgyzstan, had a 9lb hairball removed from her stomach after suffering months of dehydration and malnourishment.
Gates noted that it has helped enhance healthcare in the region, reducing incidents of AIDS/HIV, malaria, polio, pneumonia, diarrhea and malnourishment.
Wolfgang Jamann, Care International Secretary General and CEO, said "we are at a tipping point, we are at the point where we try to prevent the loss of life, we are also at the point where the investment in preventing the situation to deteriorate actually will be another kind of good calculation, because what is happening now, the malnutrition, the malnourishment of children and vulnerable people, if we deal with it now, it will cost much less than if we deal with it on the long run.
Malnourishment in hospital admissions is also on the up, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hunger added.
A MUM and dad are to stand trial for the death of their nine-month-old daughter who allegedly died from pneumonia as a result of malnourishment.
Hama, SANA -- The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) branch in Hama launched two specialized clinics for treating children with malnourishment in the cities of Hama and al-Salamiye.
Their bellies ached from malnourishment and their arms were as skinny as those of children half their 8 or 9 years of age.