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not having enough food to develop or function normally

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The Commission took the cognizance of the matter on the basis of complaints about malnourishment and that 27 tribal children had died due to malnutrition in Attappady area.
Some 50,000 children under the age of five are already suffering from severe malnourishment and UNICEF warned that could balloon to 200,000 without aid from the UN agency.
Their bellies ached from malnourishment and their arms were as skinny as those of children half their 8 or 9 years of age.
Also, very disturbingly, many children up to the age of 5 are showing varying degrees of malnourishment.
Summary: An increasing number of young Syrian children in Lebanon are at risk of dying from malnourishment, according to a report released Tuesday, prompting aid agencies to leap into action to tackle the "silent threat" before it reaches crisis levels.
842 million people in the world suffer from hunger and malnourishment
A GOVERNMENT-FUNDED project is being launched to combat malnourishment among the elderly.
Malnourishment is not recognised as a problem in the elderly because of the assumption that losing weight is a normal part of ageing.
To gather more information on how successfully aged-care facilities prevent their residents from falls, pressure injuries, malnourishment and incontinence, a survey was conducted, over one day, in 16 aged-care facilities in the lower North Island in 2011.
The Prime Minister also categoricaly made it clear that there is a difference between malnourishment and hunger caused by poverty, and hunger that is caused as a result of a lack of rain and subsequently, staple.
Harpe traces how all these factors contribute to obesity, malnourishment, and sickness, offering recommendations for making substantial improvements in one's diet and daily habits.
Ketoacidosis is a condition of malnourishment commonly found in people who drink heavily for a sustained period of time.
It is common for mothers in Bajil to come to the health center seeking treatment for their children, who suffer from mild to severe malnourishment.
A video posted online shows Sunder's body bearing visible signs of abuse, including malnourishment and a severe injury to his right eye from being jabbed in it with a bullhook ( a sharp, hooked metal poker- like weapon) by the mahout.
When the dog shelter volunteers arrived at the scene they saw three pitbulls in a state of malnourishment, dehydration, with swollen eyes, broken teeth and full of infections and abuse marks on their bodies.