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sweet Madeira wine

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Then several yeomen came forward and spread cloths upon the green grass, and placed a royal feast; while others still broached barrels of sack and Malmsey and good stout ale, and set them in jars upon the cloth, with drinking horns about them.
That means a quart of the best malmsey in Southampton this very night, Matthew Atwood.
muscadine, malmsey, and whippincrust, hold, belly, hold; and
If you would prefer to start more modestly, or if there is no specialty wine store near you and time is an issue, look for the Blandy's 5, or better yet, their 10-year-old Malmseys, Rainwaters, and Sercials.
Malmseys, like Ports, can be a dessert course on their own, but they match up well with chocolates, cheeses, and fruit tarts.