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Synonyms for mallet

a sports implement with a long handle and a head like a hammer

a light drumstick with a rounded head that is used to strike such percussion instruments as chimes, kettledrums, marimbas, glockenspiels, etc

a tool resembling a hammer but with a large head (usually wooden)

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The draw for the quarterfinals of the Kater 4 Knockout Cup for games to be played on Thursday, March 1, is as follows:-Spot On MP v Blue Ball Lions, Barrow Cons Wagg's Gang v Plough Ernie's, Peacock Rockers v Three Nuns Left Footers, Bottom Railway BA v Black Swan Gatecrashers The draw for the quarterfinals of the Plate Competition for games to be played on Thursday 1st March 2018 is as follows:-Spot On Rejects v Spot On Guy 'n' Gals,Three Nuns Exiles v Crown Rejects, Tap & Mallet JB v Black Swan B&W, Crown Jewels v Three Nuns Albion.
The slight toe-hang the slant neck provides helps blade putters transition their gated strokes to a mallet.
It is one of the things that they had to do,' Mallet added.
ICV invested in Mallet in 2010 in partnership with Robert Mallet, the company's chairman whose father founded the company in 1939.
Because of the rarity of mallet thumb, there is no consensus regarding the recommended treatment.
Mallets must resemble a croquet mallet with a wide side and a round end.
George was just 11 months old when he first grabbed at a polo mallet.
euro]e ball can be struck with the mallet or any part of a player's body ORSEGWAY but may only be directed using the mallet.
A passage from a 1763 letter to James Boswell reveals one such squabble between two relatively neglected literary Scots, Sir David Dalrymple of Hailes (1726-1792) and David Mallet (ne Malloch).
It was "like Bangkok in the 1970s", Mallet says -- with gridlocked traffic all over, and a drive across the city taking more than an hour.
Graeme Mallet dragged the three-metre stump from the back of his Skoda hatchback after spotting it at the side of the road.
In Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Thailand, "parliamentary democracies have fallen prey to the diseases of authoritarianism, violence and strident populism," reports Victor Mallet for the Financial Times.
Melbourne, July 11 ( ANI ): Former Australian cricketer Ashley Mallet has called teenaged Australian test debutant Ashton Agar a 'natural born predator', saying that Agar's attitude comes from his Sri Lankan heritage.
When a metal hammer is too much for a job, your maintenance task may require a mallet because the surface of the equipment may need a softer touch.