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wild dabbling duck from which domestic ducks are descended

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Mallard numbers in Lancashire have been swelled by thousands which were released for shooting over the decades.
Getting a blonde mallard immediately got put on the official "Bucket List" that resides in my wallet.
Nest survival appears to be the main limiting factor to the mallard population using the Sandhills (Walker et al.
Jean Mallard (or Jean Maillard, Mallart or Jehan Mallart) was a French Government official working in Normandy between 1530 and 1538.
Because mallard genes are dominant, over time these hybrids look more and more like mallards.
Serum samples from blue-winged teal, American green-winged teal, and mallard ducks were screened by using blocking ELISA (FlockCheck AI MultiS-Screen antibody test kit; IDEXX Laboratories, Westbrook, ME, USA) to detect antibodies against the influenza virus nucleoprotein.
Ernesto Mallard made his radiant steel and cord "Natura" reliefs between 1968 and 1972--the year of Pedro Reyes's birth.
Two general-aviation aircraft designs, the Turbine Mallard and the all-metal tandem SAM LSA, are up for sale.
Summary: Concord Hospitality Enterprises has named Heather Mallard the company’s first senior vice president/general counsel.
Description : The purpose of this program is to enable the District to operate the Mallard Slough Pump Station as originally designed without operational restrictions due to suction water issues.
Cotabato City -- Central Mindanao's "people of the flooded plains" are raising Mallard ducks from fowls imported and distributed free by their provincial government, with a vision to produce at least two million of the species by 2016, officials announced yesterday amid recurring floods in Maguindanao.
The 75th anniversary of Sir Nigel Gresley's champion choo choo, the Mallard, was celebrated at the National Railway Museum in County Durham.
SISTERS of the record-breaking East Coast main line steam locomotive Mallard have headed back home across the Atlantic after giving a North East museum a visitor boost The A4 Pacific locomotives Dominion of Canada and Dwight D Eisenhower departed after helping the National Railway Museum at Shildon in County Durham and its parent location at York break their records for visitor numbers.
The newcomer is twice the size of other ducks on the park lake but seems to have been adopted by a family of mallard ducks.