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wild dabbling duck from which domestic ducks are descended

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A mallard in open water is a duck of a different nature.
Mallard Manor sits just beyond the intersection of County Roads 5 and 6, past a couple of duck blinds and around a man-made lake.
ALONE: Fifteen "orphaned" mallard ducklings have been rescued from Newsham Park
Maureen Baker, prosecuting, said three motorists who stopped on the lane after spotting Mallard with the baby did not see the car on fire.
Mr Mallard, a retired commercial diver from Arbroath, was found safe and well at 11.
In laboratory experiments in mallard ducks, it rapidly shifted from being potentially fatal to causing only asymptomatic infections.
A duck researcher, Kees Moeliker, was in his office when he heard the impact of a mallard flying into a window of his office building.
the mallard is perhaps the most familiar and recognizable of the 20 or more duck species found in Florida.
But instead of a picture of Fernando, there was a cute little mallard duck.
Hornby said the first model -the classic A4 Mallard -would be in the shops in time for Christmas.
Chante Mallard let homeless Gregory Biggs, 37, bleed to death in her garage after she accidentally ran him down.
It took the jury less than an hour on Thursday to convict Mallard who, after a night of drinking and using drugs, struck Mr Biggs, 37, with her car at about 3am on October 26, 2001.
JAMES GIVEN was the trainer to follow, the Gainsborough man taking the extended mile maiden with Telemachus, ridden by Mickey Fenton, and the amateur riders' handicap with Mallard, the mount of Emily Jones.
Mallard Ink Company, a manufacturer of a wide range of inks and other products, certainly fits that bill.
It's a place that inspires emotion, no matter whether you go there to count tree rings or call wintering mallard ducks down from the sky.