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evading duty or work by pretending to be incapacitated


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The malingering response style is not uncommon (Rogers, 2008a) and should be evaluated when there is potential for external incentive (Rogers, 2008a; Young, 2010) or the client attaches importance to the counselor's assessment (Hollender & Hirsch, 1964; Rogers, 2008a; Young, 2010).
Malingering is the "intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological symptoms" in pursuit of "external incentives" (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 1994, p.
The test results of malingering ([+ or -]) groups were evaluated by Mann-Whitney U test.
It said: "The diagnosis of malingering deemed Mr M (Deyanov) as not having a serious mental illness.
These are not necessarily symptoms of psychosis, nor should they be dismissed as simple malingering.
Accordingly, an assessment of malingering must be included in the neuropsychological evaluation.
A life of malingering convalescence from alcoholism is not only not necessary, but debilitating as well," says Zane Cofield, spokesperson for URSA Publishing Company.
Black athletes who don't perform up to inflated expectations are more likely to be characterized as lazy, malingering, or otherwise possessed of bad attitudes.
If the client is pressured by others who believe the client to be malingering for secondary gain Ruff, et al.
It also identifies malingering and fraud," says Dale O'Brien, Chief Operating Officer for ClearComp.
Authors Naimark, a psychiatrist and poker player, and Haroun, a psychiatrist, explain how to detect deception in the form of malingering by clients who want to avoid stiff jail sentences, receive disability benefits, or to gain placement in a psychiatric hospital rather than a prison.
Ten regional chapters follow, and a final chapter gives tests for identifying malingering and non-organically-based complaints.
But his bid for a full disability pension was initially turned down after South Wales Police tried to prove he was malingering.