malignant tumor

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7] In the present study the average age in the case of malignant tumor was 55yrss, which is comparable to the studies of M.
Table 1: Distribution of different types of benign and malignant tumor Sl no.
Squamons cell carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor of the base of the tongue.
Various malignant tumors of the liver, especially liver angiosarcoma, have been described after occupational exposure to vinyl chloride monomer.
The diagnosis of MEA in this case was established by the presence of both a benign and malignant neoplasm in the same tumor--that is, there was a recognizable benign eccrine acrospiroma adjacent to the malignant tumor cells (figure 1).
Cellular schwannoma: A variety of schwannoma sometimes mistaken for a malignant tumor.
The malignant tumor on 4-year-old Joshua Hauke's brain stem has forced him to battle like no toddler should, costing him even his smile.
The result: A wildly proliferating cell that can generate a malignant tumor.
which markets loratadine, says the company's own research shows no evidence that the drug promotes malignant tumor growth.
Adenoid cystic carcinoma is a malignant tumor of the major and minor salivary glands.
They then put malignant tumor cells -- some of which contained the activated maspin gene and some of which did not -- into mice bred to accept cells from other species.
A synovial sarcoma is a malignant tumor made up of primitive pluripotential mesenchymal cells.
Retinoblastoma is a malignant tumor of the embryonic retina.
and will focus on identifying new opportunities for therapeutic development derived from a better understanding of the complex molecular and cellular changes associated with malignant tumor progression.