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It is important that we stop thinking of the malignant tumor symptom as "the cancer," because the tumor symptom is no more "the cancer" than the smoke that rises from a fire is "the fire.
A significant risk of malignant tumors is that cancer cells can spread, or metastasize.
Three of the nine women had breast cancer, while the breast cancer rate for women who had a malignant tumor but were not exposed to radiation was only a little over 10%.
16-18] The lack of myofibroblasts contributes to the ability of a malignant tumor to proliferate and spread.
Cribriform adenocarcinoma of the tongue is a rare malignant tumor that originates in the tongue base.
Hemangiopericytoma is a rare malignant tumor formed from pericytes winding around the capillaries (17).
Transplanted tumor: In an unusual event, a surgeon has accidentally transplanted a patient's malignant tumor cells into his own body.
Histopathologic examination of the scalp specimen determined that it was an ulcerated, malignant tumor with features of both a benign and malignant neoplasm adjacent to each other (figure 1).
The community has already rallied to the youngster's aid in several ways, including a haircut-athon and garage sale to raise money to treat the malignant tumor on the youngster's brain stem.
White et al warned that radiologic or visual evidence of bone erosion or the presence of a local recurrence (probably as a result of an incomplete removal) can be misinterpreted by the radiologist as a malignant tumor.
The malignant tumor on 4-year-old Joshua Hauke's brain stem has forced him to battle like no toddler should, costing him even his smile.
Malignant tumor cells take longer to die than healthy cells and generally repair damage to their DNA more quickly and thoroughly.
Such genetically abnormal fetal cells might go on to become a malignant tumor if transplanted to a recipient's body, Gill says.
Adenoid cystic carcinoma is a malignant tumor of the major and minor salivary glands.
The result: A wildly proliferating cell that can generate a malignant tumor.