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Synonyms for malicious

Synonyms for malicious

Antonyms for malicious

having the nature of or resulting from malice


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were totally malicious by imputing upon me (together with other DOH officials) a crime, or of a vice or defect .
The detection rules, which are automatically created by processing limited amounts of newly discovered malicious files, describe groups of malicious objects as combinations of various characteristics.
However, Eddie Hooker, CEO of Total Landlord Insurance, said: "Malicious damage is not always covered on standard landlord policies and those that do, often only protect against malicious damage caused by a third party, such as someone putting a brick through the window, not damage caused by the tenant.
When Facebook users click a link, Facebook consults its database of malicious URLs to check the status of the link.
When Facebook users click a link, the network checks against its database of malicious URLs to check the status of the link.
We assume that malicious nodes, in order to allay suspicions, selectively drop only a small proportion of all packets passing by rather than every packet.
Major mobile security issue predictions for 2012 are: mass distribution of malicious codes that exploit vulnerability of applications and OS; rootkit that attacks kernel; emergence of 'zombie smartphone' and botnet; and localized mobile malware that targets specific region.
The patent outlines the method used to detect and remove all malicious programs installed on a user's computer as a result of a single virus incident as well as locating the source and time of the incident.
with home invasion; assault and battery by means of dangerous weapon (shod foot, floor and table); assault and battery; intimidation; and malicious injury to real and personal property.
Finjan have published the latest findings from its Malicious Code Research Center (MCRC).
I APPLAUD your article highlighting malicious claims of abuse towards teachers (ECHO, March 6).
This provision excluded bodily injury or property damage "which is either expected or intended by an insured, or to any person or property which is the result of willful and malicious acts of the insured.
The most important reason is that we believe it is wrong to hire someone who has actively created or released malicious code into the wild.
1 million customers, helping to protect them from viruses, malicious content and spam.