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not performing or able to perform its regular function


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The camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay also expressed concern over reports of malfunctioning VCMs and the disenfranchisement of many voters.
Happening earlier this morning, the malfunctioning was dealt with in the usual manner such an emergency calls for, with the utmost emphasis being laid on safety and security of the field workers attending the daily operations of the refinery, said KNPC public relations director Muhammad al-Ajmi.
5,6) In our study, there were 21 case of malfunctioning PD catheter out of the 150 cases (14%).
Annual malfunction rate is the number of new malfunctioning septic systems divided by the total number of septic systems in the study area during a 12-month period.
Any devices that were not explanted, not returned to the manufacturer, or found by the manufacturer to be working normally were not counted as malfunctioning.
If malfunctioning, use gradual braking techniques listed in TM 9-2320-272-10 (Operation w/o ABS).
Nose-gear problems on other A320s have been blamed on software in a braking-and-steering control unit; on aging O-ring seals on a valve; on a malfunctioning landing-gear control-interface unit; and on a misinstalled shock absorber, records show.
Plaintiffs attorney Mark Stageberg said that he knows of at least 45 people who have died as a result of malfunctioning Focus heaters and won a similar suit in Oregon in 1999.
But once in a white, the culprit is a malfunctioning appliance--like Van Rossman's TV or even a quirky pizza oven.
Malfunctioning of this system is emerging as an important component of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson disease (PD), that feature the buildup of defective proteins and the gradual death of brain cells.
According to Goodman, some car makers are worried that their vehicles may experience problems ranging from a malfunctioning interior light to not working at all.
A service technician will use the parts to replace original parts suspected of malfunctioning in the customer's computer.
This unfortunate series of developmental disturbances may result in the cerebral malfunctioning responsible for some cases of schizophrenia, according to a report in the April Archives of General Psychiatry.
Three of the eight traffic engineers reported using only flashing yellow/red, as described by MUTCD section 4B-6(7), for malfunctioning traffic signals in their jurisdictions.
Remote software download, enabling manufacturers to provide a software patch to fix malfunctioning components, avoiding the need for a vehicle recall