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Synonyms for malfunction

break down


Synonyms for malfunction

to work improperly due to mechanical difficulties

Synonyms for malfunction

a failure to function normally

Related Words

fail to function or function improperly

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In Naga City, vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo waited almost two hours for her turn to cast her ballot after the VCM malfunctioned in her precinct.
Two PAMs had malfunctioned during past deployments from the shuttle, as had other types of "kick motors,' but all three on mission 51-G worked just as planned.
This developed as more VCMs in other areas malfunctioned causing more delay in the conduct of elections.
Investigators were not sure why the gun didn't fire but believe it may have been that the gun or the ammunition malfunctioned.
Issokson admitted he had not been damaged, his Quicken software had not malfunctioned and he did not anticipate any malfunctions in the immediate future or until Year 2000.
Because of the onslaught of passengers, one of the train's doors malfunctioned.
Donald Curtis and Gloria Curtis of Palmdale, was flying out of Okinawa, Japan, in August 2000 when his jet's rudder malfunctioned, getting stuck in a left-turn position.
The pacemaker of a woman in her 80s, who attends a Tokyo hospital, malfunctioned three times in an experiment last year, the sources said.
0- -- During the investigation, Tosco found that none of the instruments malfunctioned that night and all of the data the operators saw prior to the explosion were correct.
The watchdog group did not release exact figures of how many PCOS machines malfunctioned and how many were eventually repaired or replaced.
The Grizzlies contended the game clock malfunctioned with six-tenths of a second remaining, giving the Lakers an extra three-tenths of a second and allowing O'Neal to take the shot.
Don Scott said something might have malfunctioned in the refrigeration unit, adding that there was a chance that some moisture got into the wiring, causing an odor.