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Synonyms for malformation

a disfiguring abnormality of shape or form

Synonyms for malformation

something abnormal or anomalous


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Experts suggested that farmers should cut the malformation affected branches.
Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) of the pancreas is a very rare disorder, first reported by Halpern et al in 1968 in a patient with Osler-Weber-Rendu disease and described as tumorous formation or vascular anomaly formed by aberrant communication between arterial and venous systems.
The buildup can be due to blockage from a Chiari malformation, spinal trauma, tumor or other causes.
There is occasional recovery of symptoms due to slow seepage of blood from the cavernous malformation followed by gliosis or thrombosis within the cavernoma.
The diagnosis of venous malformation was made, and the patient is being observed.
Moreover, studies of animals exposed to very high doses found an increased risk of congenital malformations, although the doses used to treat women and others are orders of magnitude smaller than those used in the animal studies.
The research authors recommend that public health guidance should now be more explicit about the specific malformations associated with maternal smoking, in order to try and reduce the numbers of pregnant women who smoke.
The objective of the study was to monitor pregnancy in women with epilepsy for (i) control of seizures and epilepsy during pregnancy (ii) the outcome and complications of pregnancy, and (iii) the fetal outcome with special reference to major malformations and developmental problems.
The malformation consists of persistent primitive connections between the arteries and veins that develop from the sinusoidal vascular network of the telencephalon.
Recent research has linked the infection of a flatworm parasite called Ribeiroia ondatrae to amphibian malformations," says Larsen.
Nevertheless, combined with CT scans and X rays, capsule endoscopy could vastly improve diagnosis of small intestinal ailments such as Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and arterial-venous malformation, Hara says.
The Fish and Wildlife Service has a keen interest in determining the cause of the frog malformation epidemic and in finding out if it is occurring on national wildlife refuges.
In addition to the 96 hour-LC50, an average concentration to induce 50% malformation (96 hour-EC50) was calculated as 0.
The fourth-grader at Stevenson Ranch Elementary School has a rare condition called arteriovenous malformation, AVM for short.
99-106) reported on the finding that a seven-week-old aborted embryo presented infoldings of the hemispheric neuroepithelium, cranioschisis, exencephaly and excessive vascularity with endothelial proliferation --in short, severe malformation of the brain.