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one guilty of malfeasance

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The President, with the policymaking power he or she has under the weak tenure-protection provision, can have the first-tier officers remove second-tier officers who are inefficient, malfeasant, or neglecting their duties and thus sufficiently oversee the second-tier officers' actions.
There is nothing that prevents any discontent or malfeasant to gather his own small group of so-called liberators and stir up a racket in an otherwise prosperous region.
Manolopoulos, an emerging markets hedge fund manager, goes so far as to suggest that perhaps the debts of this era, in Greece and other nations around the EU, may in fact be odious debts, incurred by corrupt and malfeasant political elites, with no benefit to citizens, that should be dishonored rather than shouldered by marginalized citizens.
practices serve as a means for ordinary people to fight malfeasant entities and their lobbyists seeking business-friendly tort reform.
And I hold the managements of the new restaurants, which are sprouting all over the city like malfeasant mushrooms, responsible for this.
The question then becomes how do we empower data analysis for good purposes while providing oversight mechanisms for deterring malfeasant uses?
This cinematic icon remains the benchmark of malfeasant masculinity both on screen and off.
An overall decrease in the trust placed in medical elites, for example, and media coverage that highlights malfeasant doctors have created an atmosphere in which malpractice litigation is increasingly attractive.
Should you fail your obligations under the statutes 18USC4 and 18USC2382; should you fail to prevent Barack Obama and his 14,000-plus seditious co-conspirators (mostly malfeasant government officials) from unlawfully usurping 'office under the United States' whilst legally disqualified from holding public office, you will be providing aid and comfort to the domestic enemies of the United States.
More important, the companies' malfeasant accounting revealed substantial problems with both companies' systems and controls, and both companies went for more than three years without current financial information.
Though a lifetime liberal, I can't find enough words (politically correct or otherwise) to describe the angry, demoralized, benighted, forsaken, malfeasant, antisocial, blasphemous, threatening, masochistic, pathetic gaggle that dominates the culture of our downtown.
In his eyes, American journalists often mistook notorious cases of a priest-abuser or a malfeasant bishop as "the paradigm for all the cases.