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in a malevolent manner


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Zombillenium 2: Human Resources is the second full-color, horror-humor-spoof graphic novel featuring the malevolently misadventurous demons, zombies, werewolves, vampires, witches, and monsters of the Zombillenium amusement park.
The war clouds we see occasionally but malevolently hanging over the subcontinent currently may stay unleashed, beaten into submission not by the incandescent brilliance of a sudden shell-burst of mutual genius but by Nature itself.
Glinting malevolently throughout the visual cacophony are metallic bullets, which act as sinister punctuation within the verbiage of forms.
Trejo's distinctive gravelly, gruff and gripping voice deftly narrates the legend through the eyes of the monster and malevolently morphs into "El Cucuy.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A Turkish-Iranian agreement to boost cooperation in the field of education could potentially pave the way for further Iranian penetration into the country's domestic affairs at a time when Iran is alleged to be malevolently exerting influence over Turkey's domestic policy issues, the BugE-n daily reported on Monday.
While climate change may be hovering malevolently on the horizon, the Earth still manages to amaze and delight.
Certainly nobody at the track has acted malevolently or done anything to attempt to defraud anybody, but in trying to go about their work it is possible some mistakes may have been made.
It now appears that this very limited provision is being mischievously and possibly malevolently exploited in a wider political battle.
The computers that take over because of their surplus logic, their excess rigor, their malevolently totalitarian and antihuman reason?
malevolently nicknamed Dumbo, his friendship with a mouse, and his big ears that invited more ridicule but that allowed him to fly.
In contrast, dictators may act as they please, malevolently or benevolently, as the whim takes them.
This was, pardon the language, malevolently put for the pre-requisite search for the mischief which the law seeks to cure can hardly amount to a "fallacious assumption".
Of course, this is not always the case as, globally, there are numerous examples of government's malevolently using public resources wastefully or simply to further their own goals.
Indeed, a real scholar might at least acknowledge that the malevolently superstitious Catholic Church, with its grimly mysterious monasteries (the gothic fiction of Anne Radcliffe supplies, perhaps, as much as Dan Brown) was largely responsible for the development of charitable institutions, hospitals, and--most significant for a professor--universities.
Then Kevin arrived, a baby who screams all the time and stares malevolently instead of talking.