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Here, however, it happened that the ass also found utterance: it said distinctly and with malevolence, Y-E-A.
He knew everything regarding her: who her father was; in what year her mother danced at the opera; what had been her previous history; and what her conduct during her married life--as I have no doubt that the greater part of the story was false and dictated by interested malevolence, it shall not be repeated here.
The more fearful he appeared to her excited memory and imagination, the more alarming her responsibility appeared; seeing that a slight mistake on her part, either in action or delay, might let his malevolence loose on Helena's brother.
Speech failed her, and she sat down suddenly on a chair at the table, glaring unutterable malevolence and misery.
An extraordinary expression of underhand malevolence survived in his extinguished eyes.
Have you,' rejoined Mr Tappertit, catching him by the wrist, and giving him a look which would have been expressive of the most deadly malevolence, but for an accidental hiccup that rather interfered with it; 'have you a--a rival?
He then doggedly demands his other garments, and slowly gets them on, with an appearance of great malevolence towards his late opponent and all the spectators.
That's her malevolence--that's her malevolence,' returned Mr.
I could imagine his giving a friend a little pinch of the latest vegetable alkaloid, not out of malevolence, you understand, but simply out of a spirit of inquiry in order to have an accurate idea of the effects.
These photographs, in which he focuses on the hidden malevolence of the terrain as much as the visible scars of war, will be included in a new book, also called Hidden.
Brooding, with an undercurrent of malevolence, he is also a caring family man who goes ballroom dancing with his wife.
She said: 'For any of us it was clear that this was not a cold act of malevolence.
The ultimate question is if this was a question of incompetence or malevolence,'' Tokofsky said.
There is less malevolence in Pierson's books than in Richard Prince's (which they somewhat resemble), and more open longing.
Elvis Costello's This Year's Model period is an obvious reference with seasoned eloquence and a hint of malevolence in the songs.