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Synonyms for maleficence

doing or causing evil


the quality or nature of being harmful or evil

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I believe that the above risks are very real and that they could induce various forms of maleficence in various contexts.
Since it requires a particular configuration of factors to obliterate stateness, the aforesaid categories denote a discrepancy between full stateness (as a result of successful state building or state restitution) and state decay and, therefore, oscillate between the maleficence and beneficence of stateness.
The latter follow the logic of the novum with as much rigour as the former, they differ only in the maleficence that they attribute to the novum.
The 1999 Code of Ethics retains a deontological style of ethical thinking, but goes beyond a prescriptive rule to include a responsibility "to understand" and to "have a knowledge base" (NASW, 1999), and thus shifts to promoting beneficence rather than merely prohibiting maleficence.