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having or exerting a malignant influence

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None of these physiological attributes impels women to behaviors associated with witchcraft, of course; what the cross-cultural and biological evidence suggests is not that some or all women have some innate drive to act like witches, but instead that they have innate characteristics that make them more likely than men to adopt conflict strategies in violent cultures or moments of anger that are characterized as witchcraft (or, more specifically, malefic magic).
Neugebauer, The Exact Sciences in Antiquity (Copenhagen: Kjnar Munksgaard, 1951), 162; R Rochberg-Halton, "Benefic and Malefic Planets in Babylonian Astrology.
To astrologists, Saturn was a malefic eunuch of evil influence--cold, dry, barren and negative.
Malefic only works if you think male-thick, but that's another issue.
In the French west country, local folklorists have recorded various castings of the spell, most directed by vengeful magicians against fiances on their wedding day and involving the recitation of malefic formulas along with the tightening of knots in a cord or lace.
Like Renata Adler's jeremiads against the avant-garde in Toward A Radical Middle (1969), it pitted its imperious adultness against a perceived culture of mushrooming infantilism, and sometimes cited little well-intended things that didn't quite work as powerful, malefic symptoms of regression.
They become malefic in imperialism, in colonialism, in the totalitarianism of messianic communism or the Thousand Year Reich, manifestations all of an ideology that generalizes its superiority with utmost violence.
Like the science-fiction writers who in imagination have already departed this earth, he too wanders from planet to planet, a malefic voyager amidst malefic planets.
1 mol/L malefic acid, 3 mol/L NaCL, 30 mL/L Tween 20, 5 g/L blocking reagent); CDP-star chemiluminescent substrate (Boehringer Mannheim) was diluted 1:100 with substrate buffer (0.
These are the creatures described above, and they were usually considered to be malefic in nature.
The renamed sword, still essentially malefic, represents the internal dilemma of this flawed hero, who cannot escape himself no matter how many times he changes his own name: it gives him "the power to make terrible mistakes" (Poudrier 36).
99, 94pp) Debby and Michael art struck gravely ill at the hands of Malefic.
The actor did not reveal much information about his and Tom Hiddleston's (Loki) role in the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" that brings together Marvel superheroes to fight against the eight feet tall robot and malefic force Ultron.
Students were challenged to use chemistry to test the blood, powder, liquid and the ink on the ransom note to determine whether the dog killer was Patti Peril, Chris Nefarious or Ida Malefic, each of whom had sent threatening emails to the dog's owner, Seymour Skinner.