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a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father)

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Comparing progenies 1 and 2 that have the same female progenitor S10, we evidenced that the use of 'Tanzania' grass as a male parent provided an improvement in the nutritional value of hybrids.
AFLP fragments that were present exclusively in the male parent were given the prefix M, while those present only in the female parent were given the prefix F, and those fragments appearing in both parents were given the prefix MF.
For example, the average of A1xB2, A1xB3 and A1xB5 crosses will correspond to the performance of the A1-line as a female parent (maternal effects), and the average of A2xB1, A3xB1 and A5xB1 crosses will correspond to the performance of the B1-line (known as the maintainer line, isogenic of the A1-line) as a male parent (paternal effects).
Multiple mating was determined by direct genetic exclusion (Jones & Ardren 2003): the contribution of the male parent was deduced from the multilocus genotypes of the mother and spermathecae.
Ten Measures of Parentage Permissiveness 1 Assisted Conception: Female Partner 2 Assisted Conception: More Than Two Parents 3 Surrogacy: Heterosexual Parents 4 Surrogacy: Two Female Parents 5 Surrogacy: Two Male Parents 6 Surrogacy: Single Female Parent 7 Surrogacy: Single Male Parent 8 Surrogacy: No Genetic Relation Requirement 9 Gestational Surrogacy as Contract 10 Traditional Surrogacy as Contract Table 2.
There are also cultivar grand-progeny of CP 70-1133: CP 75-1082 was the female parent of CP 861633; CP 80-1827 was the female parent of CP 89-1509 [44] and CP 92-1641 [45]; CP 82-1592 was the female parent of CP 92-1666 [46]; and CP 84-1198 was the male parent of CP 961252 [47], CP 04-1844 [48], and CPCL 99-4455 [49].
A handful of black-and-white photographs (and an inset selection of color plates) embellish this descriptive examination of flying fish, predatory fish who use biological searchlights to identify food, seahorses raised in the pouch of their male parent, humpback whales whose adaptive flippers provided the inspiration for a more effective commercial fan blade, and much more.
Others say they are personable children who would benefit from a two-parent home, preferably with a male parent.
Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust r says the male parent bird, Monty - which became a household name on BBC's S' pring - watch - bred quite late in the season with new mate, Glesni, after his previous partner did not return from West Africa in March.
06 [micro]g Dipel[R] /disc dose) among the tested 4 populations, closely followed by its male parent "QuBill" ([LD.
Upon examining the proffered justifications for this statement, this Article argues that in saying "children need a father," these authors mean children need: (1) a male parent, (2) a masculine parent, (3) a parent who performs a role traditionally associated with fathers, and/or (4) a parent who is complementary or supplemental to and/or different from a mother.
001), accounting for 31% of the variance for females and (3) male parent personal and family life stress (p < .
For MIS majors, creativity, job security (long term), and high school teachers positively influenced interest in the MIS major, while technical skills, male parent, and college instructors negatively influenced interest.
1] hybrids shared a maximum number of bands with the female parent compared to the male parent.