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a child who is male

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Dose-Specific Effects of Maternal BPA Exposure on [beta]-cell Mass in F1 and F2 Adult Male Offspring
Considering the maternal deficiency of components involved in SAM synthesis, we evaluated the global DNA methylation pattern in brain (PND 0) and total cerebral cortex (PND 90 and 210) of female and male offspring (Figure 1).
Male offspring followed a similar pattern, with those whose mothers ate the highest amount of animal protein during pregnancy having a 2 times greater risk of overweight when they were 20 years old.
The Fowler family settled here before the Revolution, and Hoffman deftly reveals the curse plaguing its male offspring ever since.
A cultural preference for male offspring coupled with China's one-child policy have created a wide gender gap that has made it hard for some men to marry.
Haemophilia is due to an abnormal gene usually carried by women, who pass it on to their male offspring.
In the first laboratory tests, the method created a fully fertile mosquito strain that produced 95 percent male offspring.
In a study published in the journal Nature Communications , the team reported that in the first laboratory tests, the technique created a fully fertile mosquito strain that produced 95 per cent male offspring.
Although the pattern of making small male offspring later in the season remains speculative for C.
Results: The number of cigarettes smoked in males increases the likelihood of having a male offspring.
Their male offspring were placed in a cage with two chambers and were given injections with morphine, an opiate, in one chamber and injections of a non-drug saline solution in the other chamber.
He arrived at Twycross, near Atherstone, from Germany nine years ago, as a youngster and has since sired two male offspring.
Unusually warm temperatures caused by climate change are disrupting the normal ratios, however, resulting in a decline of male offspring.
Male offspring produced less of a molecule sensitive to the chemical messenger dopamine in the nucleus accumbens, a brain structure related to addiction and reward-seeking behavior.
Preference will go to the oldest surviving male offspring once William ends his rule.