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The occasional occurrence of scallops otherwise known to be true hermaphrodites with an abnormal sex gonad development as those with only a male gonad can be explained by the possible very low frequency occurrence of nondisjunction of the two X-chromosomes expected in hermaphrodites, resulting in scallops inheriting only one X-chromosome (XO).
The same cytokines that act as elements of immune modulation for the male gonad appear in large concentrations in semen during infection and when the tissues are damaged.
nudus was extracted from male gonad usingTrizol reagent (Invitrogen CA USA) and approximately 20g of total RNA was used for solexa sequencing (Wei et al.
In two of the tree hundred specimens, the demarcation of the two advanced oocytes were easily discernible microscopically in the male gonads.
We have established and updated the definition of female, transitional, and male gonad classes concomitant with the current and revised gonadal terminology.
The key to understanding the etiology of this condition is the fact that differentiation of the male gonad occurs before that of the female.
The ratio of female and male gonad volume per polyp (gonad ratio) was also calculated for all species, as a relative measure of allocation of resources towards each sex.
Next, female and male gonad serotonin concentrations (ng/g of gonad wet weight) were analyzed separately.
The male gonad first appears as a thin, light band of tissue with few seminiferous tubules.
The male gonad is smaller than the female gonad, therefore the male fish requires less stored energy for gonadal development and it may start to mature earlier than females.