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Figuring out why male genitals of a species often differ sharply from even its closest relatives' involves basic, big ideas in biology, said Brandon Moore of Sewanee: The University of the South in Tennessee, who coorganized a symposium on male genital diversity.
Although there have been only about 100 published cases of male genital self-mutilation brought to the attention of medical professionals since 1901 (Greilsheimer & Groves, 1979; Romilly & Isaac, 1996; Stunell, Power, Floyd, & Quinlan, 2006).
Also presented is a subsample data analysis of 14 men from a primary study examining male genital piercings, (11-12) who responded affirmatively to one survey question about penile tattoos.
Long before we became parents, my husband carefully researched the subject of male genital cutting, commonly called circumcision.
This provides experimental evidence that male genital morphology influences success in postcopulatory reproductive competition," Polak said.
I am a family man and I do not expect to have male genitals thrust upon my vision when I am at work.
He reported that although he had male genitals, his breasts "perfectly resemble" those of a young woman.
But it was noted that this drug provides significant blood flow increase to male genitals, and, as a result improves the quality of erections.
By the time the dire duo were playing school masters teaching their pupils to draw male genitals I'd lost the will to live.
Transmission from the cervix and/or urine to the male genitals comprised most female-to-male events.
The juice is thought to be rich in antioxidants that boost blood supply to the male genitals.
They became another person psychologically, though not physiologically, as this group all possess male genitals and make a point of "exposing" themselves as men to the audience at the end of every show.
Think of it as a male condom in reverse: covering the female genitals (like an open pouch or sack) rather than enclosing the male genitals.
After removing her clothes at the scene of the accident and discovering her male genitals, a paramedic allegedly ceased treating Hunter and began shouting taunts.
King has proposed a public nudity law that defines nakedness to include "the showing of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.