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argutula in the "myrsusalis-group" based on external similarity to Banisia aldabrana Fryer, although the male genitalia differ.
Photographs of the extruded male genitalia taken from a dorsal perspective were digitized (16-bit grayscale).
Although rare, cutaneous lesions of leprosy can occur over the male genitalia.
The penile foreskin is a natural and integral part of the normal male genitalia.
Unlike the complex male genitalia found in the Renodaeus group, the new taxa described in this paper are more closely related to genera that possess a more reduced genital capsule, an apically truncate or rounded phallotheca, and relatively simple parameres (Henry in prep.
Washington, September 28 ( ANI ): A North Carolina State University researcher has described a new species of freshwater fish that has several interesting - and perhaps cringe-inducing - characteristics, including a series of four hooks on the male genitalia.
Maybe he was on a sugar high from all the donuts, but either way, the combination of pictures of male genitalia, video games and Dunkin Donuts was inappropriate enough for a district judge to issue a disqualification ruling, barring Cellar, his partner and Morgan & Morgan from participating in the case.
The teen and her family told investigators Officer Kachadoorian had also sent a photo of male genitalia to the girl's cellphone, texted her to ask if she was going to tell her parents, and when confronted, said he and the girl had engaged in consensual sex.
Species of Prepops can be discriminated by their red, orange and black color patterns, and characteristics of the male genitalia.
In the male genitalia, the uncus is usually wide, with the entire apex and the valves narrow, with appendages on the lower edge of the bottom or the middle part.
The new species possess the distinctive membranous extension on front of the head and wing venation similar to that of Oligoneuria, but rather different male genitalia.
Other light touches grace the offbeat friendship between these pompous men, like their childish penchant for drawing male genitalia and their fussiness as they travel in Europe.
He engaged the children in sex chat, asked them about their body parts, and asked the older girl for sex as well as sending her a picture of male genitalia.