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Remaking the Male Body introduces many purveyors of physical culture and indicates their motivations: private fitness institutes and gyms, most of them associated with the large number of medical men interested in bodily health and strength; physical educators in the public schools, who started with military battalions in boys' schools to prepare Frenchmen for military duty; the military, sufficiently concerned about high rates of rejection in the yearly medical examinations of potential conscripts, encouraged physical preparation for future soldiers; government officials at the national and municipal level who mandated a series of physical education programs out of concern about national regeneration and military revenge; and political parties and factions from the left to the right.
In this page from his cookbook, one of the most original writers in the Hungarian language imagines an unexpected use for the male body.
While further studies are certainly needed to refine our understanding of male body image, its relation to media images and its effects on individuals, it seems the time has come for us to incorporate these issues into our conceptualizations of masculine identity, psychological distress, and psychological well-being.
He said: "What a surprise Tim Henman has had the time to do so much research into the smell of the male body.
Charity chief executive John Neate said: ``The prostate gland is the most likely part of the male body to become cancerous.
Police are still awaiting the post mortem results on a male body discovered yesterday in Anglesey in Aberffraw.
In a discussion of "The Body and Soul of Modernism" Carby reads Nicolas Murray's nude photographs of Paul Robeson, as well as black male nudes by other European and American artists, and argues that for these modernists the black male body represented "essentialized masculinity.
Another female poet merits attention here, for nowhere is the lute more daringly eroticized as a symbol of the male body and then usurped by a female subject to denote her own poetic power than in an unpublished riddle poem dated to the 1570s and attributed either to Madeleine de l'Aubespine or to Heliette de Vivonne (the former the more likely).
At first, in Psychasthenia 2, 1997, As dam would replicate the immobile, fragmenting stare of Untitled: Pissing, focusing our attention now on the forms of corporate architecture as opposed to the male body.
If I was doing a picture exposing the foibles and ugliness of daily life, I also did the other side, showing the beauty of the male body.
Artemisia was indeed a trailblazer, a young Italian woman who not only wanted to paint in a time when the art world was dominated by wealthy men and religious institutions, but one who wanted to portray the male body in the same manner Rembrandt and Rubens were depicting women on their canvases.
The wide-ranging treatments embody Fascist-era and contemporary gender and racial ideals, views of the female and male body and sexuality in literature (e.
It is with pleasure that we bring together a diverse group of researchers for this special issue to represent changes in the way we view the male body.
uk for a list of pamphlets and books, including 4Boys: A Below-the-belt Guide To The Male Body and one called Living With A Willy.
He said he sustained the injuries when lifting the male body, which he described as very heavy, from a bed on to a trolley on January 18, 2005.