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Synonyms for maladjusted

Synonyms for maladjusted

poorly adjusted to demands and stresses of daily living

emotionally unstable and having difficulty coping with personal relationships


not well adjusted

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It is neither an index to 'human nature' nor an accident of 'chance' that most, if not all, so-called maladjusted persons in our society may be viewed as frustrated and distraught idealists.
The client needed social skills training because she was highly maladjusted within her environment and needed to learn better skills to improve relation- ships with her family and, if possible, with her brother and his wife as well.
If circumstances prohibit them to hold the cultural values, they are called maladjusted.
More and more they are proving themselves to be maladjusted to this globalized era and incapable of dealing with its repercussions.
full of wry Wes Anderson-style humor and maladjusted misfits.
While the disabled Mark needs care and attention that Jeannie is only too happy to give, Tim (Khan Chittenden) has been so cowed by his overprotective mother that he's become a socially maladjusted virgin.
It's interesting, if a bit cynical, that the mouthpiece for destroying brand-name America isn't a righteous crusader, but a maladjusted freak.
Compared to the usual mug shot of maladjusted geeks who get pinched for treason, the Litvinenko affair was more James Bond, less Aldrich Ames.
What next, I wonder, in the constant chopping and changing that has given us generations of maladjusted children, given to violence, addiction, depression and self-harming, who spend miserable days in classrooms that resemble beer-gardens and homes characterised by constant change?
The honor among men, the pride of women, the traumata of maladjusted princes, the megalomania of dwarfs, and the inferiority complexes of dragons--so many feminist, psychoanalytical, and pedagogical approaches abound in Duve's novel that even the ladies of the harem know their women's rights and like to smoke funny cigarettes.
Truth is, maladjusted and selfish homosexuals who would betray their families never could have conquered the West, nor could they have formed the substance for the mythic Western characters Americans love to see depicted in films.
Perhaps we hear the word hikikomori less often because of the emergence of a system of "free schools" for maladjusted children.
He also analyzed 20 studies published between 1990 and 1999--all of which included comparison groups of promoted students--and found that "overall, retained students had lower academic outcomes and more maladjusted socio-emotional and behavioral outcomes, relative to the comparison group of promoted students.
This is an astounding statement, backed up with some eccentric documentation, including a study by AT & T that apparently found that managers with high SAT scores "were reliably less happy and more psychologically maladjusted by their mid-adult years" than those with lower scores.
Bubble excesses, including over-consumption and maladjusted investment, have engendered an increasingly untenable trade position.