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showing faulty adaptation

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As we already indicated, our study provides information about how negative emotions behave and their relation to maladapted behaviour in the young offender and non-offender population and, on the other hand, if said emotions follow the same pattern as in the general population.
In some instances, however, complex systems become maladapted, or get stuck in ways that prevent the kind of essential, bottom-up cascade of iterative adaptation and flexible change.
and anachronistic or maladapted governance outcomes.
Yet events of recent years have raised pointed questions about the Constitution's viability: is it truly well-adapted in today's world for delivering on the promises of its Preamble; or is it, rather, maladapted, ineffective, and obsolete?
1 Elamite was written in a maladapted cuneiform script designed for other languages, first Sumerian, then Akkadian.
It is easy to forget that nature is a thoroughly competitive, nasty, and merciless place, in which the weak or maladapted are ruthlessly and remorselessly weeded out.
The promise of many of the functional imaging studies, then, is to identify neural circuits affected by and maladapted to alcohol, as well as those intact enough to undergo further neuroadaptation, but now in the direction of normalization.
While DND is no doubt skilled in waging war, it has proven itself completely maladapted to the task of operating an after-school program for children.
Any species that would become dependant on a single food source just because it is temporarily abundant, as is suggested to happen to feeder birds, would be maladapted to life in unpredictable environments and would probably become extinct in those locations,'' she said.
Vigil (1988) proposed the "multiple marginality" thesis according to which some groups of immigrant youth at-risk for social exclusion (poor, maladapted at school, insufficient parental support, and racism in their communities) tend to unite or form gangs.
All of these factors can contribute to a maladapted and weakened spine, and therefore more prone to injuries (Leboeuf-Yde, 2004).
That's a critical step in getting their maladapted ego out of the way so they can learn to engage life on its own terms and thereby become functional.
Student was observed as being rewarded for his maladapted behaviors and often received peer attention for his disruptive behavior.