malacostracan crustacean

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It has long been suggested that when malacostracan crustaceans flick the lateral flagella of their antennules, they increase the penetration of ambient water into the spaces between the aesthetascs, thus bringing odor-carrying water closer to the surfaces of those aesthetascs (e.
Malacostracan crustaceans flick the lateral flagella of their antennules through the water in the Re range at which the leakiness of an array of hairs is very sensitive to velocity.
Comparison of crab antennules to those of other malacostracan crustaceans
Antennules of blue crabs, like those of other malacostracan crustaceans, take discrete samples of water during each flick by having a rapid downstroke, when water flows into the aesthetasc array, and a slow recovery stroke, when water is trapped in the array.
Apart from the established role of PDH in controlling pigment migration in malacostracan crustaceans, the physiological significance of PDH-like peptides in arthropods has remained obscure.