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abnormal absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract

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Both the patients had no symptoms of malabsorption, such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and steatorrhea, but both had normal menstruation.
In 1953 it was demonstrated that the gliadin component of the wheat protein gluten caused fat malabsorption in patients previously diagnosed as suffering from coeliac disease [13] and Paulley described the characteristic histopathological abnormalities of crypt hyperplasia, villous atrophy and lymphocytic infiltrate in the submucosa [14].
Janowitz follows the human intestinal tract from its upper reaches (home of heartburn and ulcers) around the gallbladder and pancreas (where malabsorption and food allergies cause problems) to the colon (inflammatory bowel diseases, diverticulitis and cancer) looking at the ailments' causes and dietary changes that can ease them.
The platform measured all movements, and the enclosed chamber allowed the researchers to measure expelled hydrogen--a gauge of sugar malabsorption.
People with fat malabsorption problems can also utilize MCT as a source of energy.
Patients with chronic pancreatitis tend to have three kinds of problems: pain, malabsorption of food leading to weight loss, or diabetes.
Liprotamase is a novel, oral, non-porcine PERT designed to treat maldigestion, malabsorption and malnutrition as a result of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency associated with CF, chronic pancreatitis (CP), pancreatic cancer, pancreatectomy and other pancreatic conditions.
Celiac disease is the most important cause of malabsorption.
At the time of trial, she used a colostomy bag and had a malabsorption syndrome that required frequent intravenous treatment for dehydration.
The results of the present study suggest that fructose intolerance/ malabsorption is common in children with recurrent abdominal pain, and that a low-fructose diet is an effective treatment for many such children.
Objective: Malabsorption is one of the causes of iron deficiency anemia in postmenopausal women.
Because many of these procedures involve reshaping of the gastric system, patients run the risk of dietary deficiencies and nutritional malabsorption.
A general deficiency may be the result of poor eating, severe illness, surgery, extreme dieting as in anorexia nervosa and malabsorption of food in the small intestine.
Atrophic gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori infection or autoimmune mechanism is commonly undiagnosed despite the fact it is the key risk factor of gastric cancer, and also related to major risk of B12-vitamin deficiency and malabsorption of certain trace elements.