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spiced mixture of chopped raisins and apples and other ingredients with or without meat

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Israeli newspapers, known for making mincemeat out of politicians, have=20 welcomed President Barack Obama with questions on how he can stop the=20 Iranian nuclear threat without a military attack.
BUTCHER'S boy Scott Mackenzie has set his sights on toppling world champion Graeme Dott after making mincemeat of Michael Holt.
Fans of Doonsbury and those who hate Bush will find much to relish here, with black and white commentary making mincemeat of Presidential policies and ironies.
Except that at the same time, over on another television channel, the gutsy Caledonian tennis ace Andy Murray was making mincemeat of Andy Roddick.
He's at his best when he cuts through the cant of other commentators: mocking media cliches, making mincemeat of silly stereotypes about Red and Blue America, exposing the unexamined assumptions of such conservative pundits as Blake Hurst, Ann Coulter, and David Brooks.
The Eagles may be 13-1, securing homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and setting a franchise record for victories while making mincemeat of the NFC.
Phil price may not be one of the longest hitters on the European Tour but that did not stop him making mincemeat of the par-fives to move into early contention at the Deutsche Bank SAP Open in Germany.
But with the Challenge Tour professionals making mincemeat of the Italian course, 20-year-old Cousins found himself seven shots adrift of the cut.
Employing the F-16's lightning fast speed and maneuverability, as well as awesome firepower at his disposal, the player will carry out deep-strikes, raids, reconnaissance, air and ground support missions while making mincemeat out of enemy F-15s, SU-27s, Cobra Attack copters and land or sea-based targets like T-80 tanks, APCs, carriers and cruisers.
MANILA, Philippines GlobalPort secured its second straight victory in the Philippine Cup after making mincemeat of Blackwater, 101-76, in the first game of Friday night's PBA action at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City.
DEMOLITION experts are making mincemeat of Coventry's former Royal Mail sorting office.
Armed with both ranged and melee attacks, waves of enemies are brushed aside with relative ease, your mech sword and Transformer-like ship making mincemeat of all but the toughest of enemies.
YU DELU showed how quick he is learning when making mincemeat of Michael White in the second qualifying round of the Betfred.
DICK Roche can expect sterner resistance to the Lisbon Treaty from the Catholic Church after making mincemeat of Libertas' No campaign.
CELEBRITY chef Gordon Ramsay is used to making mincemeat of people on national TV but he met his match when he invited four Midland butchers onto his show.