making love

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sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people

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The man, who goes by the name LAD_VIGO on the social networking site, held the famous pizza chain responsible for not making their customers aware about "the dangers of making love to a pizza," the Daily Star reported.
Q MY girlfriend has a really high sex drive and loves experimenting and making love in different places.
He said: "My father died right after making love to his wife and I can't think of a better way to go.
Sian Lewis, Diamond managing director, said: "With considerably more men than women admitting to making love in their car, you have to question if this is a case of men exaggerating their in-car prowess or women not wanting to admit to it.
After making love, Senta makes it evident to Philippe that she considers him her soul mate.
call it that, making love on a desk littered with dust
Making love is not a pleasure in this book but a tool that pirates use to disarm the enemy, get information and recruit young blood.
We should be able to dream and experience the best visceral entertainment you can ever have, besides making love.
And probably John is making love with a black-haired girl/in the carpeted back of his van in 1979, out west,/the cassette new and popular, draining the battery.
Visitors to the site can pay $15 a month to view the explicit videos of Ellingsen making love with his twenty-one-year-old girlfriend, Leona Johansson.
In Bearded Clam, 1997, a disarmingly tacky Neptunian realm contains two women making love inside a gaping mollusk; in one view it's a crude visual pun, in another an affecting, erotic fantasyscape.
Making love to him, I felt, was making love to Africa.
Experts warn that although half an hour of making love can be as strenuous as a three-mile run, only two-fifths of people drink water after making love.
ROMANTIC pensioners spend more time making love than youngsters, according to a lifestyle survey.