making love

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sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people

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The research, commissioned by Johnson & Johnson, also revealed that many mothers-to-be enjoy making love while pregnant with more than 40 per cent saying they still made love once a week.
I tried to picture making love throughout eternity with him being careful to avoid any contact with my afroed head.
The study also stated that 75per cent of men and 66per cent of women try to change the pace of sex while they are actually making love.
Once they're tied up in the city of Salvador, she keeps on making love to each of them (between better-paying assignments, of course).
The East Midlands is the sexiest area, with 11 per cent across all age groups saying they spend more than 10 hours a week making love.
THE sound of cash registers is a greater turn-on than making love for about a third of Britons, a survey says.
Start at the weekend and consider making love in the afternoon or mid-morning when both of you are wide awake.
A spokeswoman for the BBC said producers for Modern Times had interviewed the film-makers about their attitudes to sex for the controversial 50-minute programme, which features seltyled sex therapist Tuppy Owens making love with her partner, Anthony.
Regardless of gender, watching television is likely to become preferable to making love as we age and have spent a longer time as a couple.
Widely known as the founding member and voice behind the Grammy winning hit Feel Like Making Love, as well as Runnin' With the Pack, and Shooting Star from rock super group, Rodgers has also enjoyed international success with his band Free (All Right Now) and The Firm, a collaboration with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame (All the Kings Horses).
But, if we're talking about "sex" as making love, then I'm afraid Stephen Fry is very wrong indeed.
London, Oct 5 (ANI): Rod Stewart has revealed that he doesn't like music when making love because he needs to concentrate.
Zen Sex: The Way of Making Love by Philip Toshio Sudo (Harper; $12.