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Synonyms for friend

Synonyms for friend

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

a person whom one knows casually


a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

Synonyms for friend

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Besides, Tim soon makes friends with a bunch of dope-smoking winners at the Ivy League factory, and even attracts the attention of the cutest, brightest girl on campus, Jane Weston (Amy Smart, last seen in ``Varsity Blues'').
There Soraya makes friends with a desert tribe and learns to do magic and control fire.
PHOTO (1) Mollie Hogan, director of a wildlife refuge in Topanga, makes friends with a declawed mountain lion cub she took in after authorities confiscated him from an unlicensed home.
She hasn't yet made many friends herself, but she and her mother start attending a temple in their desperation and she makes friends there with a girl who is in her class at school.
The independent and spirited Mary, despite her cruel fate and emotionally distant uncle, will bring renewed life to her new home as she makes friends with chambermaid Martha (J.
In town, she makes friends with Cassie, who lets Faith borrow her horse to pay a clandestine visit to the lighthouse.
She makes friends with the young goatherd, Peter (Tom Phillipson); his grandmother (Carrie Whitefield Reisser), and sweet Brigitte (Brena K.
2--Color) Inside a giant peach in his back yard, James makes friends with the human-size insects he finds there.
He makes friends with a Tahitian boy and he is the first to spot New Zealand.