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Justin snaps: 'Assuming makes an ASS out of U and M-E.
Good natured Lulu takes all the attention in her stride - and never makes an ass of herself by behaving badly.
It makes an ass of the law when you have this legal case costing thousands of pounds but what have you got at the end of it?
MAC, Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston 0121 440 32838: A Midsummer Night's Dream Bottom makes an ass of himself thanks to some mischievous magic by the snubbed King of the Fairies and his right hand sprite Puck (Thu & Fri 7.
Any renunciation, any turning away, exposes such possibilities: that looking often makes an ass out of the looker; that optical desire can embarrass; that art, in its inversions, trashing, and stripping bare, in its focus on waste systems - from the cunt that is not one to the ass anyone becomes by not getting the fecund humor of the whole thing - deals with shit, the fictions made of it; that art provides a way for rimming the sublime.