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active work of little value


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Before going further, we should note that this criticism of make-work is not a bid for Taylorism, nor is it offered in the spirit of the Protestant work ethic.
Within multilevel hierarchies, make-work can grow exponentially.
Make-work is often reflected in talk about one's work.
The motives behind make-work deserve a candid and careful assessment.
Problems working within bureaucracies become more challenging when make-work is coupled with "passive-aggressive information-withholding.
The old staff members might hide or suppress information--and simultaneously engage in forms of make-work as a means to displayed competence and job security.
Unlike make-work and passive-aggressive information-withholding (which unbind time), the cow path is a kind of time already bound that dictates action, hamstringing both the organization and its employees.
The income pales in comparison to what they would have earned in past years but will supplement the $10 per hour wages they are making on the make-work projects and give them higher EI benefits this winter.
Keats worked on a make-work project was in the early 1960s when the cod fishery in the area failed three years in a row.
Buffit, who has been raising her three young children on her own for several weeks because her husband is working in Nunavut, says make-work projects will not solve the coast's woes.
Once marginalized into make-work assignments, the developmentally disabled are proving that they can be productive members of society when given a chance, Clarke said.
Funding bloated government make-work projects, "investing in infrastructure.
Today, the region is greener and cleaner, but nearly 40 percent of the workers are unemployed or in make-work jobs.
But jobs alone cannot justify wasting the taxpayers' money on pricey make-work space projects - especially when NASA can accomplish more with less.
It uses common sense (equal pay for equal work) while offering a group of motivated individuals a chance to earn paychecks for meaningful labor, not make-work fluff.