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make a point of doing something


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So health experts are advising locals to make sure they have enough medication at home to deal with minor injuries and common ailments like coughs, sneezes and stomach upsets.
So I make every effort not only to work on technique but also to make sure they know the time requirements and how important the role of the snapper and holder is.
color) Taft's Jamere Holland is working hard on academics this spring to make sure he keeps his scholarship offer from USC.
I signed releases so that I could read the investigative reports that had been done, because I wanted to come in with my eyes wide open, and also to make sure that I brought to the party what they needed.
We tested the vehicle extensively on gravel roads and parked it with one wheel on a curb, to make sure the roof locked secure in the trunk and didn't create any noise issues.
In the past, everyone pointed to the [information technology department] and said it's their responsibility to make sure it's done right.
Jack took great pains to make sure he understood the requests he received, and Garble took great pains to change every single one.
But too often, small business owners--including CPAs--don't take similar measures to ensure the financial health of their organizations by conducting an annual insurance checkup to make sure existing coverage still is providing needed protection against unforeseen risks.
Commercial Service, part of the Department of Commerce, to qualify the foreign port to make sure they are who they say they are when we ship overseas, say to Chile or even to Canada.
He adds that corporations should also make sure their shippers run background checks on dock workers and limit access to cargo-loading sites.
The education committee leaders in both the House and the Senate have repeatedly expressed a desire to be kept abreast of implementation, and they have consistently stated their intention to make sure state and local education officials do what the new law requires of them, While the more typical partisan bickering over the budget has returned, a resolute attitude on implementation remains.
For those who have children, you want to make sure that your children are cared for and raised by a person, of persons, who you deem fit to do so," explains Cheryl Creuzot, president of Wealth Development Strategies L.
I have to inspect and make sure they're building what they're supposed to, and even oversee small details--like making sure paint won't flake.
We want to make sure that we promote this idea and keep it.
The principals believe the keys to quality management lie in the ability to wear aH of the many hats necessary to make sure their clients' properties operate at maximum efficiency.