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Some fans also simply felt no one could quite make fun of Swift as well as she did herself in the video:
In published articles, he said his goal was to make fun of another student host who had made fun of him by calling him a loser and "gay.
Great as it is to see someone make fun of the cheap ethnic humor that fuels such unaccountable hits as ``My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' and ``Meet the Fockers,'' you kind of wish that ``Date Movie'' would attack this offensive stereotype-mongering with the same wicked zeal that it does with its dirty-toenail and projectile zit-popping gags.
The joker for hire is smart I enough to know he can't keep his job by continuing to make fun of his employer, so he makes fun of himself.
And if artists aren't going to make fun of artily positioned institutions, who's going to do it?
Going before Leno or Letterman to make fun of an embarrassing moment makes a celebrity seem like a regular guy or gal, with a healthy ability to laugh at themselves.
Jennifer Turk has become one of the people she used to make fun of.
Yet some adults and many children feel free to make fun of children by teasing them.
Some people thought `Mexican Prozak' was an attempt to make fun of country music but it was really a tribute to country music and some of my favorite artists, like Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris,'' the Santa Monica-based Florence said.