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Synonyms for majuscule

one of the large alphabetic characters used as the first letter in writing or printing proper names and sometimes for emphasis

of or relating to a style of writing characterized by somewhat rounded capital letters

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In the late thirteenth-century miscellany Digby 86 (which also includes Dame Siriz), the text of the Harrowing has very few rubrics of any kind but does flag some changes of speaker with three- or four-line majuscule letters.
ce qui facilite la creativite a Montreal, on est a la fois dans un village ou dans une ville, dans une tres grande ville dans le sens avec un g majuscule, dans le sens vaste, sur cette ile.
saccharalis, Lacanobia oleracea, Delterollyta majuscule, and Copitarsia incommoda (Guagliumi 1972/73; Corbitt et al.
Its objects ("sibylline products," she will call them elsewhere), freed from those very productive forces that disguise time's presence, can endeavor to form a minuscule utopia en route to the majuscule Utopia where time is realized without any objects at all.
My only other comments on this contribution are that the distinction between majuscule z and j in Armenian script, never easy in any book I have ever seen, is here nonexistent (table 38.
It could also be a reasonable if curious "P," because it looks like a majuscule version of the character he wrote to signify "per"--"p," that is, with an abbreviation sign.
The definitions contain 97,187 unique word-types (UWT) belonging to the class of common words (a common word being a word which can be written in minuscules, with starting majuscule or in all majuscules without changing the meaning).
Majuscule letter-shapes are often used to describe objects.
Nous designons plus loin dans le texte d'autres groupes tels les Italiens ou les Arabes, par exemple, alors que nous faisons reference non pas aux personnes appartenant a un peuple mais aux personnes appartenant a un groupe linguistique particulier et nous utilisons la majuscule comme nous le ferions pour parler d'un peuple.
The majuscule letter "O" is easily confused with the numeral "0" in fonts such as QuickType Mono.
The majuscule X represents love or a word/expression signifying love; Y is a modifier of X; round brackets () indicate optional constituent--in post predicate position they also indicate the valency of the verb and the preposition used for the indirect complement; and square brackets indicate lexical variation.
Nor have the palaeographers and codicologists ever noted one of the most important lexical consequences of the adoption of minuscule, as opposed to majuscule, as a book script is that it contributed, in conjunction with word separation, to giving each word a distinct image, which modern psychologists call the "Bouma shape," peculiar to Western writing and a significant aid to silent visual processing.
the radical duality of the miniscule human and the majuscule inhuman.
There is no Tironian et but several ampersands, whose form possibly indicates a turn of the century dating, as does the mixture of minuscule and majuscule at line-initial positions.
The basic issue is the contrast between the majuscule and the minuscule alphabets, their conversion to metal type as upper-and lower-case sorts respectively, especially as this engages the lapidary or inscriptional qualities of the capitals and the cursive tendencies of the small letters, as well as the exacerbation of scribal elisions, contractions, and combinations.