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Synonyms for majuscule

one of the large alphabetic characters used as the first letter in writing or printing proper names and sometimes for emphasis

of or relating to a style of writing characterized by somewhat rounded capital letters

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Optima was inspired by fifteenth-century majuscule inscriptions in a Florentine church.
Publications: <<A la recherche du parent perdu>>, Enfance Majuscule, <<Quelques aspects de la protection de l'enfant en Roumanie>>, Revue Humanitaire, "La psychotherapie est une profession>> et <<Emigration dans le pays de la haine>>, APORIA Rencontres de l'educatif, du therapeutique et du social, Rennes, France, <<Le passe de l'idealisation>>, Revue Roumaine de Psychanalyse, <<Les Meres qui abandonnent leur enfant>>, dans la revue Les enfants d'aujourd'hui sont les parents de demain, Centre de la recherche sur l'Interaction parent-enfant, Universite de l'Ouest, Timisoara.
Les unites en questions sont traitees de plusieurs points de vue que nous avons notes apres chaque synonyme par une majuscule, soit les procedes suivants:
There was nothing inevitable or unforeseen, only you, in majuscule, looking up to the gallery and saying hello.
Even so, I prefer "African-Canadian" to "Black Canadian" as a collectivizing phrase, for it is almost always going to be written with the dignity' of majuscule letters.
Dans le livre, le temps devient Temps, majuscule qui annonce la transformation du temps en un instance psychique ou en un objet interne donnant la vie, mais aussi la mort.
D'une part, l'emploi d'un vocabulaire plus technique constituait un progres par rapport aux inconstances dans l'emploi des paires droits et loi ou simplement droits et droit, les singufiers souvent marques de la majuscule.
The singular surviving icon of this double transformation is the Book of Kells, its insular majuscule illuminating Epiphany.
Showing that the index and seven songs in the Dijon manuscript were later additions and then claiming that only a certain form of the majuscule E in tenor-voice designations occurs in these added entries and nowhere else, Alden concludes that whenever that particular form of E occurs, the scribe was writing in a later hand that had evolved over some time.
Car la femme decrite dans cet extrait est une image de la Parisienne, avec majuscule, par opposition a la femme de province, la grisette et tant d'autres types de femmes repris en 1840 dans Les Francais peints par eux-memes.
21) La majuscule designera ici la realite historique.
The script of the capitals switches from uncial majuscule to capital majuscule, but also, notes Kiernan, "the major difference is that the letters in the Beowulf line are drawn with more care, more evenness, more technical draftsmanship" (140-41).
Although I quote two first sentences that conclude conveniently at the end of the quatrain, Wakefield generally tends to enjamb his lines heavily, and the poems are printed without stanza breaks or the conventional majuscule to denote the start of lines, so that nearly all the poems take on the appearance of plain blocks of distilled colloquial talk.
Its layout is typical of the Digby manuscript's poetry, lying in two columns with majuscule letters at the beginning of each line and occasional three- to six-line majuscule letters, which flag the beginning of some of the speeches.
Statistical comparison of groups: Means in the same line with different superscript majuscule letter are significantly different (p<0.