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the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group

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However, with majority rule achieved by the early 1990s, Angola and Mozambique were the only ones to achieve the promised state control of land, because their Portuguese settlers had left the scene.
Two houses of Congress pose one obstacle to majority rule.
Let it not be ignored that in our system of laws and justice, it is solely through elections and referendums that the much ballyhooed majority rule can be validly determined.
Buhari, whose All Progressives Congress party unseated the PDP's majority rule in March last year, has met with the IMF to discuss potential solutions to Nigeria's financial woes.
While the written Constitution left the matter unspecified, four interrelated factors pointed to simple majority rule as the master norm among the Justices, at least in the absence of some contrary protocol prescribed by Congress.
Madison's Metronome: The Constitution, Majority Rule, and the Tempo of American Politics.
With fragmented and polarised politics, along with liberal parties electorally handicapped, the Brotherhood is the one political force that holds the key to any majority rule in general and a centrist rule in particular.
discusses the meaning of democracy, the antidemocratic prejudice in contemporary democratic theory, the mechanisms of democratic reason, and failures of majority rule (real and imagined), among other topics.
The Common Cause suit argued that the filibuster is "inconsistent with majority rule.
Let's have majority rule and get rid of this threat hanging over us.
Norris says the two-thirds requirement "upsets the bedrock principle of lawmaking by majority rule upon which the California Constitution was founded.
Majority Rule versus Consensus: The Political Thought of John C.
One is that the abuse of Senate filibuster rules has made liberals more sensitive to and aware of the need for majority rule in a democracy.
Labour MSP Paul Martin said: "The parliament was never designed for single party majority rule, so attempts to introduce more checks and balances are welcome.
means much more than majority rule it also means respect for individual