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a team that plays in a major league

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The draft itself, from its inception in 1965 to the present, always has been a reaction to the way major-league clubs procure amateur talent.
From 1974-1979, major-league clubs showed annual operating losses ranging from $459,746 to $954,050 per minor-league team.
By 1946, each town had become affiliated with a major-league club.
Kendrick is expected to rejoin the major-league club some time on the next road trip May 22-27 to Detroit and New York.
Tommy Murphy and Reggie Willits were believed to be battling to make the major-league club before Figgins went down.
Injury update: Darin Erstad and Maicer Izturis, who both are rehabbing at Single-A Rancho Cucamonga, will be evaluated next week to see if they are ready to return to the major-league club.
We haven't had any helmets break at all yet,'' said Poole, who added that Rawlings normally furnishes about 50 helmets per season to each major-league club and that the Dodgers must purchase the roughly 50 additional helmets they go through annually.
Team owners in smalltown, lower minor leagues wanted, and in fact were always overjoyed, to sell off a promising player, especially for the $500 or $1,000 that the major-league clubs paid for the privilege at that time.
Baseball and the Bottom Line includes a number of tables detailing attendance and revenue for major-league clubs as well as for several minor leagues, in the body of the text, rather than as end matter.
NEW YORK - Pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, the most hotly pursued starter on this winter's free agent market, will meet with his agent in California this week to go over offers from major-league clubs, sports channel ESPN reported on its website Wednesday, quoting a source.
in hopes of luring Canham and Barney, both juniors drafted by major-league clubs, back for their senior seasons.
Minor-league baseball teams identify their customers well, offer a low-priced entertainment product and often operate with much smaller, more flexible staffs than major-league clubs.
He notes that Landis in 1942 declared his readiness to accept the signing of African American players to major-league clubs.
Ozuna said he had offers from several major-league clubs over the past five days before ultimately deciding to sign with the Dodgers.
Once Kuroda announced his intention to leave the Hiroshima Carp and come to the United States, he was reported to be pursued by as many as 20 major-league clubs.