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the chief steward or butler of a great household


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It isn't his first foray into the opera world as he has previously played the Major-Domo in a recording of Ariadne auf Naxos for Chandos Records and provided the translation for Kenneth Branagh's film The Magic Flute, which celebrated Mozart's 250th anniversary.
It included testimony from a major-domo who tape-recorded meetings at Bettencourt's home and from an accountant who said she was asked to withdraw cash from a bank account that was to be handed over to Sarkozy's main fundraiser by Bettencourt's wealth manager.
The sonorously-voiced Yuri Vorobiev was a totally authoritative, constantly involved Gurnemanz, pleasingly less of the major-domo fusspot he can appear onstage, Yevgeny Nikitin played the mortallysinful Amfortas as less of a whinger, more of a bitter repentant, and Nikolay Putilin was genuinely fear-evoking as the selfcastrated sorcerer Klingsor.
AoWe call this place the United Nations for weddings,Ao said Ben Sarfarazi, MartinAAEs affable major-domo, who himself hails from Iran.
2) among courtiers seeking to emulate Lerma's acquisition that El Greco had to step up production--yet another way in which 'El Greco to Velazquez' demonstrates how genius could thrive even in a land ruled by the disappointing scion of an eminent family and his self-serving major-domo.
We believe in treating people like adults here," said the Court's jovial major-domo, Iain Christie.
Instead, the story focuses on his relationship with his major-domo Patroclus.
And Lucas has just been given a public sign of his employer's favour by being promoted to major-domo - in charge of the internal running of the palace.
Corvinus's progress along the road to truth is not helped by his efforts to help his lovesick major-domo and his wife's desire to see Mount Etna.
He learns through the Tenenbaums' major-domo (a fantastic Kumar Pallana) that Etheline is considering a marriage proposal from the family's accountant (Danny Glover).
Whilst many analysts see this as an indicator of the ascendancy of the hardline faction inside the Taliban - primarily grouped around Taliban major-domo Mullah Omar - the implications are far reaching.
I knew him to live in a spartan room or two, even when he was Major-domo to a fabled Pacific Heights residence, or served tables at San Francisco's Bohemian Club where everybody who was anybody came to lunch.