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the chief steward or butler of a great household


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pound me on the back," the driver shakes her hand, and her and brother John's white hunter major-domo hugs her and insists on many photographs.
The sonorously-voiced Yuri Vorobiev was a totally authoritative, constantly involved Gurnemanz, pleasingly less of the major-domo fusspot he can appear onstage, Yevgeny Nikitin played the mortallysinful Amfortas as less of a whinger, more of a bitter repentant, and Nikolay Putilin was genuinely fear-evoking as the selfcastrated sorcerer Klingsor.
AoWe call this place the United Nations for weddings,Ao said Ben Sarfarazi, MartinAAEs affable major-domo, who himself hails from Iran.
2) among courtiers seeking to emulate Lerma's acquisition that El Greco had to step up production--yet another way in which 'El Greco to Velazquez' demonstrates how genius could thrive even in a land ruled by the disappointing scion of an eminent family and his self-serving major-domo.
We believe in treating people like adults here," said the Court's jovial major-domo, Iain Christie.
We knew that Branch Rickey, the Dodgers' major-domo who had signed Robinson against all opposition to a minor league contract the year before (he was the Most Valuable Player in the International League in 1946), had hoped his Brooklyn players would have been impressed by Robinson's obvious talent to ask that he be added to the roster.
Instead, the story focuses on his relationship with his major-domo Patroclus.
Sly is assisted in his scheming by his indebted servant Able (Eric Stoltz), the major-domo who orchestrates the cons at Sly's behest and learns at the master's knee.
And Lucas has just been given a public sign of his employer's favour by being promoted to major-domo - in charge of the internal running of the palace.
Corvinus's progress along the road to truth is not helped by his efforts to help his lovesick major-domo and his wife's desire to see Mount Etna.
He learns through the Tenenbaums' major-domo (a fantastic Kumar Pallana) that Etheline is considering a marriage proposal from the family's accountant (Danny Glover).
Whilst many analysts see this as an indicator of the ascendancy of the hardline faction inside the Taliban - primarily grouped around Taliban major-domo Mullah Omar - the implications are far reaching.
I knew him to live in a spartan room or two, even when he was Major-domo to a fabled Pacific Heights residence, or served tables at San Francisco's Bohemian Club where everybody who was anybody came to lunch.
But there is also covetousness: The ship's major-domo (Campbell Scott, outfitted with a dueling scar and strangulated German accent) wants to claim for himself a steward (Lili Taylor), and so separates her from an ingenuous suitor (Matt McGrath, performing with accents of Italian bafflement).
After several years as Bellarmine's major-domo, Guidotti begins a yearlong mission to help the man he affectionately calls "boss" gain insight into Bruno by investigating the heretic's private life.