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In the case of KV, the middle term is negatively related to the major term.
is when it is well-known that the major term is true of the middle, and that the middle is true of the last is not known, but yet is antecedently more credible than is the conclusion.
preparing a research design for a major term research paper;
Despite the research, analytic and writing skills major term papers build, 82 percent of teachers said it's very or somewhat difficult to find the time for reading and grading them, not to mention the extra help students often need while completing the assignments.
Lorraine Helms's personal essays, a series of "stories," define her major term in its classical context in which "argument" and "narration" are often synonymous.
One of my favourite programmes was from England, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, and Windsor Davies always used that sergeant- major term for his concert party.
The package is the first major term financing for Thailand since it was hit by a financial crisis last year, and is the ADB's first export-financing loan.
Almost every major term Jesus uses, he never defined.
Solution: Inform patrons (most of whom have major term papers due in two hours) of the existence of a quaint, previously unknown entity called a "Printed Index.
The major term of this syllogism may be true if the buyer pays less merely on account of his anticipating the payment date.
According to Alexander of Aphrodisias, in such a syllogism, "the major term is the predicate of a problem whose provability is to be investigated by the construction of a syllogism.
Since existence thus is not a genus, it cannot operate as a syllogistic major term.
The new PSC will meet the major term needed to conclude the transaction with Vitol announced in April in which Rialto agreed to sell a 65% stake in Rialto CdI to Vitol for an initial US$50 million to fund appraisal and development programs.
The major term to be amended is to extend the duration of the offer.
As a result of these transactions, Milacron has increased its equity base, established a source of revolving credit through 2008 and consolidated all its major term debt into one obligation maturing in 2011.