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a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world

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BEIRUT: Lebanon's state-run electricity company said Monday that a broken gas unit at a major power plant which had left large parts of the country without electricity since last month has been fixed.
Unexpected major power cut interrupted the services in Marmaray as well.
He said the power supply from national grid was disrupted after a technical glitch in hightension line that spawned a major power breakdown overnight.
187) and one that in practice, if not on paper, reflects at least some of the interests of the major powers.
A spokesman said the university was expected to be open as normal today The spokesman said: "Following the major power outage at Selly Oak sub-station last week, the university remains on emergency power while it waits for Western Power Distribution to restore mains power to campus.
Major power projects are currently underway - under the impressive moniker of "Ultra Mega Power Plants" - that are expected to individually add as much as 4GW to the grid.
Sanctions and the international pressures against Iran have resulted in country's self-sufficiency in implementing major power projects, he said.
It is the fourth major power plant contract Daewoo has won in Libya since 2003.
He said major power cuts are not expected as power supplies from other plants are being re-routed.
By permanently reducing electric load in selected areas, major power outages can be avoided and infrastructure improvements can be deferred or avoided.
A MAJOR power cut yesterday brought a North Wales city to a standstill.
Pulp and paper manufacturing operations appear to have been spared from major structural damage; but the savage storm, which struck Louisiana and southern Mississippi and Alabama on August 29, caused major power outages, idled paper mills and sawmills, destroyed timberlands, and ravaged the region's supply chain.
GLENDALE - About 16,000 residents lost power early Wednesday, and GWP officials were working to determine whether an equipment malfunction caused the fourth major power failure in the past year.
Despite a number of indicators that seem to indicate India's impending status as a major power, however, there are reasons why India has not achieved this status.
Strong magnetic fields associated with some of the flares caused a major power outage in southern Sweden and stifled high-frequency radio communications in some parts of the Arctic.