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a key whose harmony is based on the major scale


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Conversely, though there is a clear need to eliminate all unsafe injections, epidemiological evidence indicates that sexual transmission continues to be by far the major mode of spread of HIV-1 in the region.
I don't think that tears are a major mode of transmission," says Gallo.
Buses are the major mode of road transport, accounting for about 60% of passenger movement.
It's undeniable the symphony progresses from the minor to the major mode, but Tate's meticulous treatment acknowledged both poles.
Could aspiration be the major mode of transmission for Legionella?
Heterosexual intercourse is a major mode of HIV transmission in Myanmar, Min Thwe told Kyodo News in Yangon.
In addition, neither airborne transmission nor environmental contamination is viewed as a major mode of the spread of staphylococci.
He, Martin and Jamie are made to clean the Vic toilets by a Frank in full sergeant major mode.
Major mode uses the two upper spines, the central and overtonal (including F# for stepping outside); minor uses the two lower, the central and reciprocal (including B[b flat] for stepping outside).
Bicycles are the major mode of transportation except for military buses and shuttles which are used mainly to deliver groceries from the supermarket.
As for waste disposal in urban areas, in terms of economic benefits and environmental cost, waste incineration power generation will gradually become a major mode in the cities of China and will be supported by China in the future.
This project should identify new HP functions and highlight them as part of a major mode of signal transduction in the developing and mature CNS.
While a half-dozen tunes sound in the major mode and another handful are in Mixolydian or Dorian, most are pentatonic, usually in the common form consisting of the major mode minus the fourth and seventh degrees.
The role of rail is recognized in the plan as a major mode of transport carrying an increasing share of inter-regional freight.
A creative illustration of emotional depth was achieved by playing the trio of the third movement in major mode as a kind of bland contrast to Mozart's unexpected turn to the minor mode for the trio.
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