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a key whose harmony is based on the major scale


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2%) were committed by taking poison pills, the second major mode of committing suicide was use of pistol firing (17.
Finally, the volume turns to recent and hot issues in France: Pierre Tevanian offers a powerful insight on the question of the veil and headscarves in France, and while Nacira Guenif-Souilamas and Peter Bloom analyze the politics of visibility through the figure of soccer player Zinedine Zidane and the futuristic movie Banlieue 13, Charles Tshimanga focuses on music and particularly French Rap as a major mode of resistance to State power.
Her fast-tempo, major mode recordings such as Born This Way and Edge of Glory sound fresh while recalling or quoting popular music from an earlier time," the researchers added.
It may be noted that a national workshop on management of HIV/Aids held in Muscat on the occasion of World Aids Day had cited Injecting Drug Use (IDU) as the major mode of transmission of the disease in Oman.
We expect the metro to be the major mode of transport for the spectators from all across the world who would throng the country during the tournament," he said.
This wind pattern is the major mode of variability of the southern hemisphere atmosphere.
This informative, clearly-written and well-paced book focuses on "living machines," showing how horses were once the major mode of travel for people and freight, as well as a major source of power, first on the farm and then in the city.
Scott says, it is possible for the virus to be airborne and inhaled, but that is not a major mode of transmission.
Luckily the coach was in full sergeant major mode by this time and there was no need to intervene further.
Such an exercise might require a fair measure of courage, self-analysis, self-awareness, and candor, but the dividends could be well worth the investment, especially since listening is and will likely remain a board's major mode of communication.
Langley Maltings is close to the M5 motorway and Langley Green rail station and its canalside setting made for an ideal location in the days when barges were a major mode of transport.
Read presents the tunes in order based on their poetic meter and harmonic mode: Common Meter, major mode; Common Meter, minor mode; Long Meter, major mode, and so on.
This happens through the centuries-old linking of cheerful feelings to the major mode.
Data do not exist to quantify the relative efficacy of surgical masks versus respirators in preventing influenza infections in exposed persons, but surgical masks should protect against large droplets, believed to be the major mode of transmission (8).
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