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a key whose harmony is based on the major scale


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Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, is of the opinion that perishable cargo and aerotropolis initiative stands as the major key towards the development of the country's aviation sector.
In general, a happy song consists of a fast tempo and a major key, while misery is denoted by slow beats and minor key.
Major Key Studios, which runs two foundation degrees with the university, has taken a suite of rooms at landmark West Bromwich arts centre, The Public.
Midlands-based music production company Major Key Studios is to take up residence at The Public in West Bromwich.
A major key to success in today's construction market is the ability to provide clients with value-added services that meet their specific needs.
And that's the case this year; the Vancouver Grizzlies hold a major key to this draft.
A major key to the acceleration of black business growth, particularly during the past decade, has been the progress made in gaining access to equity financing, whether via public offerings, private placements or venture capital.
The fact that these young people have met through Cage is a major key to its inclusive spirit.
Statistical analyses were performed on the mean correct scores between: (a) major, minor and perfect intervals versus augmented and diminished intervals, (b) root position triads versus inverted triads and (c) major key signatures versus minor key signatures.
SAGD technology would serve as a major key component in MEG Energy s plan for raising production at these fields.
8220;A major key to our continued growth has been our constant focus on the communities we serve.
Washington, Nov 19 (ANI): In a new study, researchers claim to have developed a new and faster method to track major infection-causing "superbugs", which could be a major key in preventing the spread of deadly infections.
On the ground floor of the complex, next to the licensed cafe bar, The Pinktank entertainment is being presented by Major Key Studios, The Public's resident music factory.
The Birmingham construction team at law firm, Beach-croft Wansbroughs has played a key role in achieving the financial close of a major key worker residential scheme for the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
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